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Work Scope Database for Cost Proposals

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METH-10 Webster Paper Work Scope Database


In most situations the resources necessary to support the creation of proposals to win business opportunities are scarce and sometimes inadequate for the number of opportunities available. Waste for any reason in the proposal process reduces the number of opportunities a business can pursue. On large proposals the customer requires starting from a position of fact whenever possible. That requirement demands a searchable Labor Actuals and Labor Work Scope Database. This discussion focuses on the Labor Work Scope Data of past programs. The selection process that allows you to choose the correct analog program to use as a basis for estimating the proposal is discussed. The main purpose of this paper is to inform the reader of the most effective ways to gather, sort, and create that database. Validation methodologies, database sizes, and searching methodologies are discussed.


Robert Webster
Robert Webster is a multi-degreed engineer who has worked in the Aerospace industry for the last 37 years as a Design Engineer, Test Engineer, and Project Engineer. For the last 16 years he has been in the Business Development group of Aerojet as a proposal Estimating Specialist. He has been SCEA certified since 1990 and has given previous presentations on cost estimating techniques, statistical risk assessment, and effective cost proposal process methods.

His presentation was created to discuss the issues surrounding organizing the scope databases used for the creation large government cost proposals. He has participated in thousands of cost proposals to develop this insight and believes proposals can be done efficiently if the data used to estimate them is set up in an orderly manner.