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Economic Analysis Process Applied To the Worlds’ Largest Wind Tunnel – RC1 Cooler

Methods Track

Downloadable Files:

METH-8 Wyman Nelson Paper


• RC-1 Concerns
o A single point of failure
o Contains environmentally hazardous/toxic fluids
o System wear out – aged technology
• Restoration Alternatives
o Refurbish system & replace fluids
o Replace with desiccant dryer
• Evaluation IPT Members
o Government (FM)
o Facility (ATA)
o Support (MCR)
• Evaluation Considerations
o Environment
o Technology
o Schedule
o Economic
• Acquisition
• Engineering
• Hardware acquisition
• Construction/Installation
• Maintenance
• Current (ATA)
• Contractor (Hardware suppliers)
• Lease Hardware with LC maintenance
• Operations
• Personnel
• Utilities
• Funding
• O&M
• Risk
• Study contractor cost estimate
• Escalation – electric, copper, stainless steel.
• Procurement approach
• Design-build
• Design-bid-build
• Evaluation resources/tools
• Study contractor cost estimate data
• PeopleSoft database


Dan Wyman
Cost / Economic Analysis – Joint Direct Attach Munitions, SEEK EAGLE, AEDC FM Plans and Programs Chief

Robert Nelson
Cost / Economic Analysis – Trident Missile, ICBM, GPS, Navy Next Generation Computers, KSC Range Standardization, GATM, Enterprise Integration, AEDC RC-1