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Offline Exam FAQs

The PCEA Exam/Exam Part I features 60 multiple choice questions worth one point each. The CCEA/Exam Part II features 50 multiple choice questions worth one point each. Both parts of the exam are recorded by hand using pencil and paper. Each section is two hours in length.
If you want or need to take the exam offline, you will need to arrange an approved proctor who will monitor the distribution of the exam booklet and ensure there are no distractions and no resources are used during your exam. All proctors must be CCEA-certified individuals. Offline exam fees are increased by 20% to cover printing, shipping, and other coordination required to provide the paper exam.
Acceptable calculators may feature:

• Basic arithmetic keys
• Branding as a “scientific” calculator
• Logarithm, exponent, universal power, memory, and parentheses keys

Calculators may NOT:

• Have preprogrammed statistical functions
• Have graphing capability
• Be the TI-83/84 series
The TI-83/84 series calculators are NOT permitted and may not be used during the exam.
• Be on a cell phone or other device with data or internet connectivity

An example of an acceptable calculator can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/Casio-Scientific-Calculator-FX-260-SOLARII-S-IH/dp/B071R3H9WB/

It is the sole responsibility of the examinee to bring an appropriate calculator. Calculators will not be provided at the exam site.
No, laptops are not allowed during the offline exam. If you would like to take your exam online, you can request an online exam when you complete your application.
No, candidates may not bring notes or reference materials of any kind into the exam room.
No, candidates may not bring anything into the exam room but writing utensils and an approved calculator. You may use any available space on the exam booklet to work out your calculations.