2023 Workshop Call for Papers

The abstract submittal deadline for ICEAA’s 2023 Workshop in San Antonio was November 4, 2022. Late abstracts may still be submitted, but will be considered once space on the schedule comes available as a result of cancellations or withdrawn entries from those received on time.

2023 Paper & Presentation Summary Submission Form

  • Keep your title to around 8 words (or fewer if they're long words). Long titles may end up being truncated or featured in small font on the schedule handout, making them difficult to read.

  • Use this to quickly and concisely grab your potential attendees’ attention to let them know why your session is the one to see. Use the best economy of words for maximum effect: for example, say “and” instead of “as well as” and avoid wasteful words like “secondly.” The 75-word summary must be provided and will be featured on the website and mobile app. This is 75 words, which should provide a visual of the approximate length.

  • In this version of the session description, you can use up to 200 words to go into more detail about how great your session will be with some more specific points. This version will be used when determining which abstracts to schedule and which will be placed on the wait list. This version will not be listed on the website, mobile app, or in the conference program – it is entirely to provide more information for the screening committee. All those acronyms you didn’t have the spare words to spell out in the 75-word version can be expanded here, and you have the space to be more fluid with your language. Of course, if you felt the brief summary version sufficiently explained the purpose and intended takeaways from the session, you don’t have to provide this. Make sure this expanded description does not conflict with or promise topics that the brief summary does not. The brief summary should give the general outline and then the expanded summary fleshes the outline out for more information. I think you’re getting the point but writing 200 words on how to write 200 words isn’t easy. And with a few more words, we’re at the limit.

  • If your narrative paper and/or PowerPoint presentation are complete, you may upload them now.
    Max. file size: 128 MB.

  • CTRL + Click to choose multiple keywords.

  • ICEAA determines the tracks into which the papers will be organized after the entries are collected based on the popularity of various topics year to year. Below are some track names we have used in the past. To help us in distributing the papers, please choose three tracks you think your paper would fit into:

  • Author Information

  • The lead author will be the primary contact for all submissions, questions, or requirements regarding the presentation. This author will be listed first in descriptions and is responsible for sending information for all other authors and contributors.

  • Tell us in 75 words or less what makes you qualified to give this presentation, what you’ve accomplished to make you that qualified, and why people should believe what you say. Facts like your current and previous job titles and employers, as well as relevant degrees and where you got them are good to list here. Don’t worry about spelling out common acronyms like BS, MBA, ICEAA or CCEA. This example is 75 words long.

  • Additional Primary Authors/Co-Presenters:

    Individuals playing integral roles or providing key contributions to the paper should be considered primary authors. Primary authors usually attend the workshop to present the papers.

  • Contributors

  • If an individual served a minor role in the research, provided subject matter expertise, or otherwise made a small addition to the paper, that person should be considered a contributor. Contributors are not usually presenters, they are not responsible for submitting any information by the deadlines, and will not be listed in the program book, mobile app, or website.

  • Acknowledgment of Requirements