2015 Board Election Candidates

Ballots were emailed to all active ICEAA members on March 2, 2015 via SurveyMonkey. To request a ballot, please email Megan Jones at megan@iceaaonline.org

Download the bios for all candidates in a printable PDF or use the links below to navigate within this page:

President: Paul Marston
Executive Vice President: Michael Thompson
Vice President of Professional Development: Peter Braxton (incumbent)
Treasurer: Bob Hunt
Secretary: Greg Kiviat
U.S. Region 1 Director: Eleanor Bassett (incumbent)
U.S. Region 2 Director: Jeffrey Moore (incumbent)
U.S. Region 2 Director: Rick Collins
U.S. Region 3 Director: Nicole Barmettler
U.S. Region 4 Director: Jennifer Flanagan
U.S. Region 4 Director: David Peeler
U.S. Region 5 Director: Michael Doherty (incumbent)
U.S. Region 6 Director: Rex Potter (incumbent)
U.S. Region 7 Director: Kurt Brunner (incumbent)
U.S. Non-Aligned Region Director: William S. Barfield
U.S. Non-Aligned Region Director: Christopher S. Dalton
U.S. Non-Aligned Region Director: Jason Dechoretz
U.S. Non-Aligned Region Director: Zachary Jasnoff
Europe Region Director: Georges Teologlou
Australia Region Director: Tracey Clavell
U.K. Region Director: Andy Nicholls (incumbent)
Elected Director: Erin Barkel
Elected Director: Dan Harper
Elected Director: Rich Harwin
Elected Director: Dan Nussbaum
Elected Director: Eric Plumer
Elected Director: Gary Zarlengo

International President Candidate: Paul Marston

ICEAA Experience:

  • ICEAA Executive Vice President 2013 – Present
  • SCEA President 2011 – 2013
  • SCEA Region 1 Vice President 2009 – 2011
  • New England SCEA Chapter Board Member 2003 – 2009
  • New England SCEA Chapter President 2003 – 2005
  • New England SCEA Chapter Vice President 2001 – 2003
  • New England SCEA Chapter Treasurer 1999 – 2001
  • Conference Program Chair 2007 and 2011
  • National Awards Chair and Committee Member 2006 and 2007
  • Conference Best Paper Awards Committee 2009
  • Track Chair, various times
  • Conference Paper Author 2000, 2001, and 2008
  • SCEA National Service to the Society Award 2007
  • SCEA National Cost Analyst of the Year – Management 2001
  • Member of ICEAA (SCEA and NES) since 1987

Other Qualifications: MCR Vice President, Defense Programs

  • Air Force Officer
  • Harvard Business School, Program for Leadership Development
  • Boston University, MS Management
  • San Diego State University, BA Economics
  • Cost Estimator/Analyst since 1986

Certifications:  Certified Cost Estimator Analyst, 1987 (Lapsed)

Nomination Statement:

 As the last SCEA President I gladly ended my term early to help facilitate the 2012 merger with ISPA.  I did so knowing we had created a stronger association, but also with a sense of unfinished business. Now, I see ICEAA with tremendous opportunities and some challenges. I’d like to lead our association through the next two years with the following objectives in mind

  • For as long as I’ve served on the Board, we have been financially healthy. Our assets steadily grew and our annual budgets were always balanced. Unfortunately, over the last two years, due to reduced conference attendance, we have run significant deficits. This simply needs to stop or we will be forced to curtail important services to our members. I believe that with better prioritization we can avoid a bad situation in the near future. This is my highest priority.


  • ICEAA’s Cost Estimating Body of Knowledge (CEBoK) is well over 10 years old. While it remains our profession’s best compilation of training and reference material, it is showing its age; the content needs to be refreshed and delivery needs to move beyond mailing DVDs. There was a time when CEBoK sales generated around $40K in revenue per year. Those days are gone. It is absolutely imperative that we find a way to make the investment to upgrade our flagship product.
  • I believe that the heart and soul of ICEAA is our chapters. While SCEA President, we put a lot of effort into strengthening our chapters, including regular meetings of our Chapter Presidents’ Forum, providing lists of event speakers, updating the Chapter Handbook, Webcast training, and standing up new Chapters. We need to re-engage and find more ways to make our chapters stronger and more relevant to our members.
  • One of the great successes of ICEAA has been our expansion internationally. We have active ICEAA chapter and regional organizations in Japan, Europe, Australia, as well as North America. We truly are international. And while this has been a great success story, it presents challenges too. ICEAA needs to improve our communication, support, and services in every corner of the association. This includes continuing the ISPA tradition of holding international conferences and workshops.
  • Among my first steps as SCEA President was to emphasize transparency in all areas of your Board of Directors’ decision making. I think this is essential to any successful organization and will continue practices like posting Minutes, Committee Recommendations, and Financial Reports. The more our members know about the Board’s decision making the healthier we are.

ICEAA plays a unique role in the cost community as the single place where professionals from government, industry, and academia can gather to share ideas. Yes, we have challenges, but we are still a strong and vibrant association and I want to ensure we remain so into the future.



Executive Vice President Candidate: Michael Thompson

  • Position Desired
    • Executive Vice President
  • ICEAA Experience
    • 2013 – 2015 ICEAA Treasurer
    • 2011 – 2014 ICEAA Director of Membership and Chaptering
      • Restarted 3 Chapters
      • Provided guidance in starting 3 new US Chapters
      • Provided guidance in starting 2 International Chapters
    • 2005 – 2015 ICEAA (SCEA/ISPA) Professional Development and Training Workshops
      • 2010, 2013, 2015 Workshop Chair
      • 2011 Awards Chair
      • 2008, 2009, 2012 Program Chair
      • 2005 – 2007 Track Chair
    • 2010 Estimator of the Year – Service to the Society
    • 2005 and 2007 President SCEA Southern Maryland Chapter
  • Certification:
    • Earned Value Professional (EVP)

Over the past decade of involvement with ICEAA (SCEA), I have watched the organization grow and flourish while fulfilling its purpose of being a professional organization for the education of members of the cost community and providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and processes.  My experience as Director of Membership and Chaptering and as Workshop Chair has brought me in contact with most of the chapters in our organization.  My experience as Treasurer has given me an in-depth appreciation for the organization’s financial processes.

Whether speaking at a chapter meeting, finding a speaker for a chapter or organizing a conference team and working with the International Business Office, I have enjoyed all of my experiences, as well as the friends and associations I have made.

I have been both a voting and non-voting participant on the board since 2005 and hope to continue working with the ICEAA Board of Directors, giving back to the profession while actively helping further ICEAA’s mission.

It is my desire to serve on the next board as Executive Vice-President, assisting the incoming President and serving as a mentor for members, chapter and regional officers, and new members of the Board of Directors.


Vice President of Professional Development Candidate: Peter Braxton

Prior to the last election – ICEAA’s first ever! – I played a key role in the “forming” of the new association by helping to facilitate the merger of ISPA and SCEA, and to discern how best to serve the overlapping memberships and assimilate the complementary cultures.  As your first-ever Vice President for Professional Development over the past year and a half, I have done my best to help shepherd ICEAA through a period of “storming” and “norming.”  I ask that you re-elect me to the position for a second and final term so that I may see the association on its way to soundly “performing” in the vital areas of research, certification, and training.

Coming off the momentum of a tremendously successful annual workshop in Orlando in June, 2012, and the release of version 1.2 of CEBoK® in the spring of 2013, ICEAA faced many challenges during my first term, starting with the aftermath of Sequestration, which severely impacted government participation in and overall attendance at the 2013 workshop in New Orleans.  As a member of the Executive Committee, I have strongly resisted any pennywise but pound-foolish measures to cut corners when it comes to delivering value to the membership.  By continuing to offer a robust slate of papers, training, and other learning and networking opportunities, we were able to make the Denver workshop this June a rousing success, with the major rebound in government participation of particular significance.

In the summer of 2013, our esteemed Executive Director Erin Whittaker announced her departure.  I served on the small committee to screen resumes and interview candidates for Erin’s replacement, and we were delighted to select Megan Jones, a true association professional eager to bring a fresh vision and lesson learned from her previous experience to the position.  Megan spearheaded the ongoing overhaul and update of the ICEAA website, offering an ever-expanding Member Portal to more efficiently deliver services to you.  She also coordinated development of the improved smartphone app for the Denver workshop.

In the spirit of the Hair Club for Men, I am not just an officer of ICEAA but also a member, and I try to lead by example by continuing to present papers and deliver training at annual workshops, and chapter, corporate, and third-party events.  I presented both a Best Paper webinar and a Training webinar after the 2013 workshop, and I regularly facilitate hosting the Washington Capital Area Chapter monthly luncheons at Technomics in Arlington, VA, or attend when it is held at other local venues.  I have excellent working relationships with those tireless volunteers who have primary responsibility in various areas of professional development, including Peter Andrejev for Certification; Brian Welsh, Ashlin Smith, and Rachel Cosgray for Conference Training; Kevin Cincotta for Chapter and Third-Party Training; and Tony White, Ricardo Valerdi, and Dr. Christian Smart for the Journal of Cost Analysis and Parametrics (JCAP).  I have received four conference Best Paper awards, and was recently published in JCAP.  This year I was recognized with the Association Award for Service.

Previously, I served as SCEA’s national Training Chair from 2004 to 2010; and Body of Knowledge Chair (a position that I initiated) from 2010 to the present. I co-chaired conference Training for ten consecutive SCEA/ISPA conferences, including the last two European conferences, from 2004 to 2012, working closely with ISPA counterparts Doug Druley, Sherry Stukes, and Roy Smoker. I have served continuously as managing editor for development and maintenance of the acclaimed Cost Estimating Body of Knowledge (CEBoK®) and its predecessor, Cost Programmed Review Of Fundamentals (CostPROF), and awarded the SCEA Estimator of the Year Award for contributions in Education in 2007. A member of SCEA since 1998 and a CCEA since 2000, I have been an enthusiastic and dogged proponent of ICEAA and its goals, and I have not missed a BoD meeting in the past ten years, remaining actively engaged in discussion of key issues facing the society. I helped forge partnerships with organizations and members in the United Kingdom (UK), Australia, and the Netherlands, putting the “I” in ICEAA.

I have been a chief proponent of the wide distribution and use of CEBoK® as our flagship product, including at national conferences and local chapters, and within organizations such as Boeing, BAH, and MITRE. I have personally taught it at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA); the United Kingdom (UK) Ministry of Defence (MOD); Australian Department of Defence (DoD); and within my three companies, TASC, Northrop Grumman (multiple sectors), and Technomics. I have devoted a significant amount of my professional and personal time over the years to the continual improvement of CEBoK®, and I am currently working with corporate and professional partners to expand training and certification in the areas of Manufacturing and Software Cost Estimating.  As the new director of the Technomics Training Institute (TTI), I am experimenting with “flipping the classroom” to better support adult learning styles.  Much remains to be done, including the seamless integration of the Parametric Estimating Handbook (PEH), ISPA’s chief contribution to our shared body of knowledge, and the associated Parametric certification specialty. As we move toward more web-delivered content, I continue to advocate measured investment in online paper access via the Member Portal; a Wiki for more effective dissemination and update of the body of knowledge (think Wikpedia); and short on-demand screen-capture videos to supplement current classroom training (think Khan Academy).

I received an AB in Mathematics with a Teaching Certificate in High School Mathematics from Princeton University and a Master of Science Degree in Applied Science (Operations Research) from the College of William and Mary. For the past four years, I have been a senior cost analyst and employee owner at Technomics, where I have supported the Naval Center for Cost Analysis (NCCA), Air Force Cost Analysis Agency (AFCAA), and Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Cost and Economics (ODASA-CE) on data collection and cost research efforts, and the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) and Defense Acquisition University (DAU) on curriculum development. I served as a Northrop Grumman Technical Fellow from 2006 to 2009, and received both a TASC President’s Award for Operational Excellence and a Northrop Grumman Corporate Contracts and Pricing Award in 2008, and multiple Technomics Technical Excellence Awards.  Check out my Millionaire appearance on YouTube, and follow me on Twitter (@ICEAA_CEBoK).


Treasurer Candidate: Bob Hunt

I would like to be considered for the Board position of Treasurer of the ICEAA National Board.

I have been a member of the cost estimating society for 25 years starting with the National Estimating Society and the Society for Cost Estimating, then SCEA, and now ICEAA.  I think I have attended every conference of these societies since the early 1980’s.  I have seen the society grow and change as the broad community changed and estimating needs of the country changed.  I would like to serve on the ICEAA Board to help keep the society meaningful and active in today’s economy and environment.  I believe I have the broad Government and industry experience that will be useful to ICEAA.

I have over 40 years of cost estimating and economic analysis experience beginning my Government services as a GS 7 Operations Research Analysts in 1974.  I began my Government career teaching mathematics and statistics at the Army Logistic Management College and ending my Government career in 1986 as a GM 15 Operations Research Analysts and Chief of the Independent Cost Estimating (ICE) Division for Vehicles, Ammunition, and Electronics at the U.S. Army Cost Center (now ODASA-CE).  Along the way, I served as a Cost Analysis Division Chief at the Mobility and Equipment Research and Development Command (MERADCOM) and as Deputy Director for Automation and Modeling of the Cost Analysis Directorate of the U.S. Army/The Pentagon.  I have served in various technical and senior management positions in industry including Vice President and Operations Manager at SAIC, Vice President and Board of Directors of CALIBRE Systems, President CALIBRE Services, Vice President for Services at Galorath Incorporated, President of Dulos Inc., and Board of Directors for ALATEC, Inc.

When not engaged in technical/management efforts, I enjoy hunting, fishing, golf, bird watching, and most outdoor activities.  I am an active member of my church.  I have been married for 46 years and have two adult children and three grandchildren.  I have served in various charity and community service positions including serving on my local community’s board of directors, election to the Stafford County School Board, election to the Tri-County Soil and Water Conservation Board of the State of Virginia, Treasure and Board Member of the Stafford Emergency Relief Volunteer Effort (S.E.R.V.E.) (a 501c3 organization), and President of the Stafford Education Foundation.


Secretary Candidate: Greg Kiviat

Relevant ICEAA experience (i.e. conference track chair, chapter president, previous board member)

  • Elected as current ICEAA director for non-aligned members
  • First Pro Tem ICEAA secretary appointed during merger transition (2012-2013)
  • Elected 3 terms past ISPA secretary (2008-2012)
  • Instructor for “complex” parametric cost models at 4 consecutive ISPA/SCEA/ICEAA conferences
  • Co-winner of 2007 ISPA/SCEA Best Paper (and Best in Track) award at New Orleans conference and workshop


  • Current Certified CPP – Certified Parametric Practitioner
  • Developing new training and certification tailored for Sikorsky internal use and potential use for industry certification

A statement of why you wish to serve on the ICEAA board

Through my past associations with the ISPA and ICEAA boards I have been fortunate to work with the leaders of the cost estimating community and have gained both knowledge and experience that I use at my job every day.  I believe it’s important that ICEAA’s mission and work continue for both current and future members of the estimating community and would like to help extend this knowledge and skill to others.  In addition, my management at Sikorsky Aircraft has been (and continues to be) very supportive of my participation as we also look to leverage skills training and material offered by ICEAA.   Finally, I believe that my past experience as ISPA and ICEAA Secretary will provide a seamless transition from the current retiring secretary’s duties.


Greg Kiviat is Manager of Affordability Analysis in the newly formed Cost & Productivity group at Sikorsky Aircraft.  His team provides parametric Life Cycle Cost and Should Cost estimates as well as Design to Cost analysis for new and ongoing helicopter programs.  Greg also is a founding member of the United Technologies “Affordability Network” to share affordability and estimating lessons learned with other UTC divisions.

Greg earned a BS in Aeronautics and Astronautics, MS in Applied Science, and MBA all from New York University and continued later to complete a Systems Engineering certificate program at MIT.  Greg first worked for Pan American World Airways as an Operations Engineer responsible for aircraft operating manuals and weight and balance.  In 1982 he joined Sikorsky Aircraft’s New Product Development group where he received training and experience in parametric cost estimating methods.

Greg co-authored the Best Paper at the 2007 ISPA/SCEA conference “Realities of Cost As an Independent Variable (CAIV)” that surveyed government and industry stakeholders on their commitment to the next program phase in a project’s Life Cycle Costs and is a Certified Parametric Practitioner.  He is currently ICEAA director for non-aligned members, was appointed as the first Pro Tem ICEAA secretary for merger transition (2012-2013), and was elected 3 terms past ISPA secretary (2008-2012).


Region 1 Director Candidate: Ellie Bassett 

Ms. Bassett is a Senior Associate of MCR LLC and currently supports the NATO AWACS program at Hanscom Air Force Base for NATO AEW&C Programme Management Agency (NAPMA) and AFLCMC.  She has 15 years of cost estimating and 2 years Program Management experience with AFLCMC, 6 years accounting experience in the government environmental arena, and 10 years of experience in financial management with industry. She has managed the Cost Teams for the AFLCMC/Joint STARS Program Office and AFLCMC Global Air Traffic Program Office Ms. Bassett has been a member of ICEAA since 1997 and has served on the BOD for 14 years.  She served two years as the Membership Director and 6 years as the Chapter Treasurer, 4 as chapter President and the most recent 2 years as Director-Region I. Ms. Bassett held an active role in organizing the New England Chapter’s Regional Professional Development Institute and Workshops, and has been active in organizing all local Chapter events for the past 12 years, including facilitating ICEAA Certification Training and Study Groups. Additionally, she served on the National Membership and Chaptering Committee and the 2013 National Awards Committee.  Ms. Bassett earned her undergraduate degree from Salem State College and her M.B.A. from Western New England College. Ms Bassett was the recipient of the 2012 SCEA Service to the Society at the local chapter level and at the National Level.  For the past 14 years, Ms Bassett has resided in New Hampshire.

My intent in running for re election as the Region 1 Director for the ICEAA BOD is to continue aiding ICEAA Region I local Chapters in whatever manner they seek help; communicate their needs to the National organization, facilitate obtaining presenters for Chapter events, and support Chapter events. I also intend serving on committees at the National level as those needs arise.


Region 2 Director Candidate: Rick Collins

My goals for board participation are pretty straightforward.  I led a three member team that prepared the draft ICEAA Strategic Plan 1.5-to-2 years ago.  I thought (and still think) there are some really good and ambitious initiatives in the plan that support the three goals – 1) create a community of technical excellence, 2) create a community of collaboration and 3) create a community of relevance.  I’m particularly interested in helping the association “generate Federal government demand for ICEAA”, one of the objectives that relate to the third goal.  I am also interested in helping the association with something that relates to the second goal but was not included in the draft plan, specifically facilitating greater community networking via social events.  Time and time again I hear from my young staff, the future of our community, that one of the best things about the annual conference is the ability to talk shop with new faces over a cocktail. As a thirty-plus year contributor to the cost analysis community and CEO of a respected professional services company specializing in cost estimating and analysis, I’m confident that I have the knowledge, skills, abilities, established relationships and passion to grow the value of the association to existing and new members!


Rick Collins is CEO of Technomics, Inc., a small employee-owned consulting firm offering a range of decision support analysis services to the Department of Defense and other federal clients. He has 34 years cost analysis experience, including 23 years in the private sector (nine at SAIC in the 80s and 14 at Technomics) and 11 years in the Department of Navy (DON), specifically the Naval Center for Cost Analysis (NCCA). His experience encompasses a varied mix of applied cost estimating and cost research projects covering most DOD weapon system commodities and all Military Departments. He has been privileged to mentor and collaborate with some of the best and brightest cost analysts in the private and public sectors.

Since establishing Technomics’ Arlington, VA office in June 2000, Rick has strived to create an organization recognized for technical excellence, integrity and innovation.  Rick takes pride in Technomics’ commitment to raising cost community of practice standards through the quality of staff, products and services that the company delivers to clients.  He is particularly proud of Technomics’ and his personal efforts over the last ten years to assist the OSD CAPE Defense Cost and Resource Center (DCARC) in compiling and validating contract cost data for all of DOD’s current and future Major Defense Acquisition Programs.  The product of this effort – reliable data for completed contracts – will provide future generations of cost analysts with the key ingredient for credible cost analysis.  Rick also takes pride in Technomics’ active contribution to ICEAA. Notable contributions that would not have been possible without Rick’s, and thus company, support and encouragement are: 1) ICEAA Corporate Sponsor since 2005 (the first non-OEM and only small business sponsor); 2) corporate funds investment in CEBoK update performed by TASC/Technomics team; 3) staff contributions to National Board via the Body of Knowledge Chair position and the Vice President for Professional Development position; 4) staff contributions to SCEA/ISPA conferences as the training workshop co-chairs, training track chairs and co-instructors for a significant number of training sessions for the last several conferences; 5) staff contributions to conferences as technical paper presenters (Technomics paper presenters have won two best paper awards at each of the last three conferences and also won the overall best paper award one of those years); 6) staff contributions as the independent review team for a past version of CEBoK; 7) 100% technical staff ICEAA membership; 8) 15-20% technical staff attendance and active participation in SCEA/ISPA and ICEAA conferences; and 9) supporter of Washington Capital Area Chapter via board positions and routine hosting of chapter luncheon presentations.

Rick has personally contributed to the National Board and a variety of SCEA/ICEAA-related activities.  He was elected to an At-Large Director position and served a term shortened due to establishment of the pre-merger interim board.  Upon leaving the board, he continued to contribute by leading a three member committee that developed a draft ICEAA Strategic Plan.  He was an active member of the aforementioned Technomics team that conducted two rounds of independent reviews of draft CEBoK module revisions and a multi-organization team that developed a case study for the SCEA certification exam.  He has played an active role in ISPA/SCEA and ICEAA Conferences since 2008.  He co-chaired the Risk Analysis Track at the 2010 and 2012 conferences and the Methods and Models Track at the 2008 and 2009 conferences.  He reviewed papers in support of best paper awards for the 2008 conference.  He co-presented the Cost and Software Data Reports (and predecessor Government Data Sources) training module at the 2008-2013 conferences. He and three Technomics co-authors won a 2010 conference Best Paper (Management Track) Award.  He was awarded the 2010 SCEA National Estimator/Analyst of the Year Award for Contributions in Management.

During his tenure at NCCA in the 90s, Rick served in various positions including Technical Director, Head of the Ships/Ship Systems Division and Head of the Cost Analysis Tools Division.  In 1998 he was awarded the DON Superior Civilian Service Award for his accomplishments coordinating DON cost research.

During his tenure at Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) in the 80s, Rick had the opportunity to learn the art and science of cost analysis from talented senior cost analysts who were willing and, most importantly, able to mentor.

Rick has a M.A. in Economics from Virginia Tech, B.A. in Economics from Wake Forest University and DAWIA Level 3 certification in Business, Cost Estimating and Financial Management (BCEFM).


Region 2 Director Candidate: Jeffrey Moore

Jeffrey Moore is an Executive Director at Herren Associates and is responsible for leading the firm’s analytical program management capabilities.  He is skilled in leading cost & economic analysis teams and has provided economic, acquisition, and cost analysis support including the analysis of program requirements, objectives, and constraints and the subsequent analysis requisite to demonstrate the costs and benefits associated with an acquisition objective.  Mr. Moore has managed and performed strategic planning, cost/schedule analysis, acquisition management, and program assessment activities in support of the federal government and industry clients. He is experienced in applying cost estimating and cost research projects covering most DOD weapon system commodities and all Military Departments. Mr. Moore is the current International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA) Region 2 Director and Past President of the Washington Metro Chapter of the ICEAA; he previously served as Member Chair, Secretary, Vice President, and President.  He received the 2009 SCEA Cost Estimator of the year Award for Management, the 2008 Department of the Navy Cost and Management Sciences Team Award, 2008 MCSC award for Excellence in Operations Research/Systems Analysis and was a team member of the 2008 David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Award and is a Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst (CCEA).  Mr. Moore has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Mathematics from West Virginia University and Master’s of Science in Mathematics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

I intend to continue to serve the membership of Region 2 to the best of my ability.  I will focus on improving cost estimating and analysis in government and industry by enhancing the competence and achievements of the membership. My goal is to promote and enhance the profession of cost estimating and analysis and to foster the professional growth of its members in cost estimating and associated fields.


Region 3 Director Candidate: Nicole Barmettler


Nicole Barmettler is an Operations Research Analyst/Cost Analyst at Missile Defense Agency (MDA). She is currently supporting the Sensors program office providing production cost estimates for the AN-TPY 2 radar.  During her tenure with MDA, she has also been responsible for providing critical cost estimates for various military construction projects all over the world, assisted the test division with range cost estimates, and supported the research team in validating cost data reports from supporting contractors.  She also supports leadership in making decisions on future projects by conducting Cost Benefit Analysis and Business Case Analysis for various programs.   Prior to working for MDA, she supported MDA for two and half years as a contractor with BCF Solutions where she was the recipient of the 2013 Star Award, for her significant contributions.  Ms. Barmettler has six years’ experience as the Executive Administrative Assistant to the CEO of Stokes Development, LLC; a commercial and residential development company.   Working directly with the CEO, Ms. Barmettler was exposed to all aspects of the organization in constructing and supporting eleven developments. She was responsible for evaluating work proposals, contracts, and bids of sub-contractors for proposed construction on developments; setting up homeowner associations for residential real estate developments; and communicating with sub-contractors concerning tasks necessary for completion of developments within their devised budgets.  Ms. Barmettler graduated with honors from the University of Alabama in Huntsville with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus in International Studies and as well as Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance.   She has also volunteered with the Women’s Business Center at the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce, where she assisted small business owners in the community in growing their business through constructive consultation sessions and training workshops. Ms. Barmettler currently resides in Madison, AL with her husband Sean Barmettler.

Ms. Barmettler is actively involved in the ICEAA organization, this year she presented her brief “Military Construction Cost Estimating” at the 2014 ICEAA International Conference in Denver. She obtained her CCEA in May 2014 and she has served on the Greater Alabama ICEAA Chapter board as a Publicity Chairperson (2013) and Administrative Chairperson (2014).

It would be an honor to serve as the Region 3 Director.  In this position I will develop my leadership skills and meet new people. I have been fortunate to be a part of very active chapter in the ICEAA organization, so I would the opportunity to make a difference in Region 3, by providing guidance and leadership to other chapters in my region to energize membership participation.


Region 4 Director Candidate: Jennifer Flanagan

Jennifer Flanagan is an Operations Research Analyst at United States Army Tank Automotive Command Life Cycle Management Command (TACOM LCMC) located in Warren, MI.  She has served in the Cost & Systems Analysis Directorate for over 5 years and provides cost estimating and analysis support to various Army customers.  Jennifer has modeled life cycle cost estimates for the Robotic Logistic Support Center, Product Manager Heavy Tactical Vehicles, Product Manager Bridging, and Product Director Army Watercraft Systems.  She recently was recognized for her support to the Analysis of Alternatives for the Maneuver Support Vessel (Light).   She, also, is the Joint Integrated Analysis Tool Point of Contact for TACOM, where she communicates issues to the software developer Tecolote.  Jennifer has experience using Excel, Automated Cost Estimating Integrated Tool, and Price True Planning software to model cost estimates and has experience collecting and analyzing data from a wide range of sources, selecting appropriate cost estimating methodology, and documenting her analyses and findings.  Jennifer is Level 2 certified in Business Cost Estimating (Defense Acquisition University, 2013) and is currently preparing for International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association certification (ICEAA, 2015).  She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Mathematics (Wayne State University, 2005) and a Master of Arts Degree in Teaching with previous endorsements in Secondary Mathematics and Chemistry (Wayne State University, 2008).

Jennifer is a member of ICEAA and has been serving as the Treasurer for the ICEAA Detroit Chapter since the Chapter was established in 2013.  Her duties include assisting with event planning, collecting monies from members and non-members, and providing payments to the banquet halls while tracking receipts.  She also is responsible for performing the Chapter’s banking, preparing annual reports for the ICEAA Business Office, and participating in the Chapter’s Board meetings.  Jennifer also currently serves as the Public Relations Chair for Toastmasters International District 28 (since 2014) and her duties include attending Chair meetings, advertising for the club and strategic-planning to increase membership.    Jennifer would like to serve as the ICEAA Region 4 Director to improve her leadership and strategic planning skills.  She would like to understand what it takes to run a professional organization such as ICEAA, and she would like to contribute to decision making on governance, ethics and legal issues.  Serving as the ICEAA Region 4 Director would provide her with an excellent opportunity to meet people with diverse experience in cost estimating and analysis from other ICEAA Chapters and from around the world.  Jennifer would like to increase her level of commitment and responsibility to the ICEAA organization and to the cost community.  She seeks to be nominated as Region 4 Director for the upcoming term of two years and can assure the Chapters within Region 4 that she would have their best interests at heart and work to align members with ICEAA’s visions and goals to the best of her ability.


Region 4 Director Candidate: David Peeler

Colonel David Peeler is the Interim Director of Financial Management and Comptroller for the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center.  As the Center’s Chief Financial Officer, he is responsible for training and equipping 1,647 financial personnel, as well as oversight and advice regarding funds under management worth $166B across the Center.  (If it were a private-sector firm the Center would rank sixth on the list of Fortune 500 companies).  He assists in policy formulation, interpretation, and implementation, providing executive supervision with regard to budget execution, accounting liaison, and centralized cost estimating management; influencing over 3,000 programs/projects valued in excess of $975B.

Colonel Peeler graduated Blacksburg High School in 1984.  After graduating from Berea College in 1988 and work as a manager in several private-sector concerns, he was commissioned via Officer Training School in late 1992.  He has worked in all four comptroller functional areas at acquisition and operation locations, as well as two brief stints as a program manager.  He has tours in base, center, major command, and higher headquarters assignments, with multiple deployments in support of Operations ENDURING FREEDOM, IRAQI FREEDOM, and Combined Joint Task Force HORN OF AFRICA.

I initially thought of tossing my hat in the ring for a regional director position, however, I didn’t arrange for the required nomination statement from my chapter president.  I’m just interested in serving the association, and will serve in any position the nominating committee might deem my experience will benefit ICEAA.  I have served on the SCEA board in the past as a chapter president and attended subsequent annual board meetings out of pure interest.  Before becoming the New England chapter president, I was that chapter’s program director.  Additionally, I have experience as a foundering member and past-president of an American Society of Military Comptrollers chapter.  Over the years, I have worked to robust and coordinate the efforts of SCEA and ASMC chapters where appropriate and keep activities separate that need to be so.  For a number of years now, I have been a best paper judge for SCEA/ICEAA; and served as a track chair in New Orleans in 2007.  I am a life member of SCEA/ICEAA, joining in 1996 at the time of my graduation from AFIT and passing the CCEA exam.  More recently I have been authoring the book review series for the ICEAA World magazine and penning a few articles for those pages.

I wish to serve on the ICEAA board for several reasons.  I have always enjoyed my involvement with ICEAA and its predecessor organizations.  I have gained a lot from my membership and association with our community of costers.  My career has often precluded participation, but I have been involved when possible.  In my current position, I think I have something to offer and would welcome the opportunity to serve at this level.  Further, and of real import, I think we need the presence of more government personnel and those in uniform within the community.  I am offering my services to these ends and the myriad others that need dedicated efforts to further the goals of the association.


1988:  Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Berea College in Berea, Kentucky.

1990:  Bachelor of Science degree with double majors in Mathematics and Economics from Troy State University in Troy, Alabama.

1996:  Master of Science degree in Cost Analysis from the Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson AFB OH.

1997:  United States Air Force Squadron Officer School at Maxwell AFB AL.

2001:  United States Marine Corps Command and Staff College, non-residence program.

2003:  United States Air Force Air Command and Staff College, non-residence program.

2006:  Master of Military Operational Art and Science from the United States Air Force Air Command and Staff College, Air University, Maxwell AFB AL.

2008:  United States Air Force Air War College, non-residence program.

2010:  Master of Science degree in Strategic Studies from the United States Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, PA.

2013:  Executive Leadership Program at the Darden School of Business, University of Virginia.



Air Force Meritorious Service Medal with seven oak leaf clusters

Joint Service Commendation Medal

Air Force Commendation Medal with two oak leaf clusters

Army Achievement Medal

Air Force Achievement Medal with two oak leaf clusters

Afghanistan Campaign Medal with two service stars

Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal

NATO Medal



Berea College’s Louis Smith Scholarship in Political Science (1989).

Led eight teams to MAJCOM-level awards, two garnered Air Force wins.

Selected Technical Cost Estimator/Analyst of the Year (‘99) by the Society of Cost Estimating & Analysis.

Published 37 professional papers, 9 other pieces, & 42 book reviews in national/international periodicals.

Won seven Major Command-level awards in both comptroller and non-comptroller categories.

Maj Gen Edward S. Lansdale Award for top paper supporting Joint Special Operations Forces – 2006.

National Finalist, Arthur S. Flemming Award for outstanding federal service – 2003.

Won five American Society of Military Comptrollers awards.

Berea College Outstanding Young Alumnus Award – 2006.

Presented eight papers at cost estimating conferences between 1999 & 2009.

Author of the Year | Air Force Comptroller magazine – FY13.



Region 5 Director Candidate: Mike Doherty

I would like to continue to serve ICEAA as the Region 5 Director and continue to represent Pikes Peak, Rocky Mountain and the Northwest Chapter by representing their interests and suggestions at the national level for discussion and action.  I have been working with the chapters to ensure their voice is included in the ICEAA World and this fall I have worked with the Northwest Chapter to identify candidates for their upcoming election.  If elected I plan on continuing to strengthen my ties with the Chapters in my region and working with the Chapter Presidents to increase activities and membership.


Mike received his undergraduate finance and accounting degree from Washington State University and in 2004 graduated from the University of Washington MBA program.  Mike joined Boeing in 1990 as Industrial Engineer supporting the 737 Door responsibility center in Renton.

In 1992 Mike joined the 777 program, he worked in Final Body Join supporting the development of production plans and evaluating design changes during program development.  In 1996 he moved to manufacturing and supervised various IAM teams in the production of the 777 airplane.  In 1998 he returned to IE as an Industrial Engineering supervisor and supported Systems Installation, Final Body Join, Interiors and Final Assembly during this time.  In 2001 he moved to Renton and worked on the 737/757 moving line implementation as an Industrial Engineering manager.

In 2004 Mike moved to the 787 program as a Senior Estimating and Pricing manager responsible for 787 contract negotiations and the program business case.  In addition to his Estimating and Pricing responsibilities in 2010 Mike took on the additional responsibility for Procurement Finance Analyst supporting 787 contract negotiations.

In August 2012, Mike was named the Director, BCA Supplier Management Finance.  In this role, Mike leads all Supplier Management Finance activities for Procurement Finance Analyst Tools and Processes.

Mike is married to Kristin and they have three children, Rebecca (16), Caitlin (13) and Nolan (9).


Region 6 Director Candidate: Rex Potter

Rex Potter has more than thirty-five years of aerospace and corporate business experience with Lockheed Martin in the fields of contracts, estimating, affordability analysis, strategic alliances, and financial analysis.  At Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, he is currently the Senior Manager of New Business Combat Aircraft Estimating and Pricing.  Rex has extensive knowledge and experience in the development, maintenance, and integration of estimating systems including pricing systems, BOE tools, cost models, and estimating databases.  He has been significantly involved in estimating/contracting for such products as the F-16, F-22, F-35, C-130, C-5, and other aircraft.  His past responsibilities have included the management of estimating systems and their pricing tools, the creation and negotiation of Forward Pricing Rate Agreements, the establishment and maintenance of parametric models, the administration of economic indices, and the development/negotiation of strategic alliances.  For several years, Rex chaired the Lockheed Martin Corporate-Wide Estimating Council comprised of a diverse group of estimating leadership from all of the Lockheed Martin business areas.  During his tenure, he led the team to significantly enhance the estimating courseware, training, and professional development of estimating personnel.

Rex has served in various positions on the Board of Directors of both SCEA and ICEEA.  He is currently the US Region 6 Director for ICEEA and he is seeking re-election.  Likewise, he previously served as the President of the Lone Star Chapter of SCEA in the Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington area.  As a Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst (CCE/A), he is a strong advocate for the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEEA) and for the estimating profession.  Rex received his Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Texas A&M University and his MBA from Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri.

With his re-election, Rex will seek new and innovative approaches to attracting technical and business professionals to join our ICEEA organization.  He will strive to energize our membership so as to increase member participation at the local and national levels.  Rex wants to increase collaboration between chapters to maximize operating efficiencies while finding ways to expand and enhance benefits for our membership.


Region 7 Director Candidate: Kurt Brunner

ICEAA Experience:

Current ICEAA Region 7 Director (1st term).

ICEAA Southern California Chapter President (2nd term).

Previous experience – ISPA Southern California Chapter President (2 Terms); ISPA Southern California Chapter Vice President; ISPA Southern California Chapter Board Member; SCEA Southern California Chapter Secretary; SSCAG Risk Working Group Member.

I have been an annual ISPA/SCEA workshop Track Chair several times; and have taught many training classes at the annual ICEAA/ISPA/SCEA workshops.

I am the author of numerous briefings, papers, and publications that I have presented nationally and internationally at ICEAA, ISPA, SCEA, SSCAG SCAF and other workshops/conferences.

Certifications:  Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst; Certified Parametric Practitioner (CCEA-P)

Why I wish to be a BoD Member:

I consider it an honor to serve on the ICEAA Board and I am proud to represent the best interests of the members of this fine organization.  It is a responsibility that I have steadfastly supported during my various tenures with ICEAA, ISPA, and SCEA.  I have attended all Board meetings while serving, either in person or electronically, and I have also performed other duties between board meetings and at workshops and conferences.  I am willing to continue to invest the time and effort needed in order to help make ICEAA an ongoing success. With over 35 years of Cost Estimating and Analysis experience in high technology engineering and manufacturing environments, and as a long term ICEAA/ISPA/SCEA member, I have been dedicated to establishing effective and creative cost estimating methods, as well as promoting the recognition of the field as a prominent and essential function, and will continue to do so.


Non-Aligned Board of Director Candidate: William S. Barfield

Our ICEAA is a unique association – we represent the keystone of investment decisions between financial responsibility and engineering technology in support of corporate and National growth.  Whether you call yourselves a cost estimator, an earned value manager, a parametrician, or a risk analyst, I believe we members as an association can vigorously improve that National growth.

To support that growth, we contribute our professional effort.  It is for that effort that I, as a Board member, will encourage member participation in ICEAA activities, recruitment of new members, and membership renewal.  I will actively evaluate the Association’s fiscal state and encourage reasonable solutions that benefit the Association, its members, and the clients we serve.  I will encourage the Board to assess and present helpful recommendations regarding the trend in government contract reductions as affecting our membership.

I believe ICEAA should re-evaluate the “what’s in it for me” mindset in recruiting and renewing membership.  Reaching out to sister cost-related organizations for common grounds and unexplored services is an issue I shall pursue.  I believe other professional associations (IEEE, SIAM, AMS, etc) may provide insight for new partnerships, training, and understanding of missions.  There are new concepts that can be explored by ICEAA, such as EaaS, Estimation as a Service.  I shall encourage ICEAA to reach further to include more international groups that perform cost-related services.  With your vote of encouragement, I will champion these concepts that improve the ICEAA and enhance our profession in support of the Nation’s well being.

Rather than cite a long description of my jobs performed over four decades of experience, I simply list below some highlights in bullet form.  You may (or may not!) infer that I am experienced, can speak, write and present.  I will contribute to ICEAA in the realms of management, leadership, cost, programming, engineering, research and sports (ha, a little check to see if you got this far, though I do play weekly full-contact soccer year ‘round, and that helps keep things in perspective).

Recent ICEAA Experience:

  • ICEAA member since 2001- CCE/A (renewing by points)
  • Presented papers in 4 of last 5 National Workshops
  • Workshop Track Best Paper Judge (2014)
  • Workshop Track Chair (2012, 2013, 2014)
  • Participate in almost all DC Chapter luncheons since 2001
  • Presented CER research papers to American Mathematical Society and Mathematical Association of America (2011, 2012)
  • Presented research paper to ICEAA DC Chapter luncheon (2011)

Recent Leadership in Washington DC and Northern Virginia:

  • Lead coster for 11 federal programs, total over $2.5B (2010 – 2015)
  • Support coster for over 30 federal programs, total about $1B (2002 – 2014)
  • 2nd Vice President, Fairfax Federation of Citizens Associations (representing over 47,000 homes, 2013 – present)
  • Vice Chair and Founding member, Braddock District Land Use and Environment Committee (2012 – present)
  • Past Chairman, Braddock District Council of Community Associations (12,000 homes, 2009 – 2013)
  • Past President, Country Club View Civic Association (486 homes, 2006 – 2007)
  • Past President, Edsall Park Community Swim Club (267 homes, 2003 – 2006)

Professional Experience:

  • Position titles: Executive Cost Estimator Associate, Senior Cost Estimator, Principal Consultant, Senior Consultant, Senior Systems Analyst, Senior Information Specialist, Principal Applications Analyst, Research Scientist Associate, Programmer, and Research Associate.
  • Companies worked for: Quantech Services, BAE Systems, Keane Federal Systems, TeAM Inc., Unisys Corporation, Applied Research Laboratories University of Texas, IBM Inc., and NASA.
  • Federal agencies supported: Federal Aviation Administration, Missile Defense Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, Internal Revenue Service, Military Sealift Command, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Financial Management, Air Force Cost Analysis Agency, US Air Force Systems Command, Housing and Urban Development, US Army Corp of Engineers, US Navy Undersea Warfare Technology Office, National Aeronautics and Space Administration.


  • Master of Science, Technology Management, University of Maryland University College
  • Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, Old Dominion University
  • Other Graduate work:
    • Operations Research – Cost Analysis, GMU/Institute for Defense Analysis
    • Operations Research, George Mason University
    • Mathematics, University of Texas, Austin
    • Physics and Mathematical Statistics, University of Houston
    • Physics, Old Dominion University

Veteran: United States Air Force

  • Communications, electronics, meteorological, radio, radar and computer systems maintenance & maintenance management
  • Airman of the Quarter, Central European Communications Region, Air Force Communications Service, USAF


U.S. Non- Aligned Director Candidate: Christopher Dalton

I am applying for the position of U.S. Non-Aligned Region Director.  I have been a member of ICEAA (SCEA) for nearly 19 years and have been a CCE/A for the past ~ eight+ years.  During that time, I have been involved with every echelon of ICEAA, from early in my career when I was simply learning to more recently serving as a track chair for the basic training track.  I remember being in awe of the knowledge and experience that the senior ICEAA leaders demonstrated and desiring early on to emulate them.  As my Air Force career transitioned into a civilian career, while remaining an AF Reservist, I had the privilege of learning at the knee of people like Dr. Steve Book and Hank Apgar and Roy Smoker.  As I have grown more confident of my skills in this field, I have become more and more involved with ICEAA, starting with hosting the monthly meetings for our Pikes Peak chapter, to eventually being the VP and then the Chapter President.  While President, I even attended several national Board of Directors’ meetings as our regional representative.  That’s also when I became involved with the best paper panel and began donating my time reading and scoring papers and presentations from the best minds in the industry.  It’s been a real pleasure to be part of the panel for several years.  This past year, I volunteered to be a track chair as well as to present one of the CEBOK basic training modules at the annual conference and I hope to be able to continue in that capacity as long as my company will let me!

The bottom line is this: I have gotten immeasurable value from my years of membership in ICEAA and each year I feel increasingly compelled to give back even more than the year before; I strongly desire to continue giving back by serving the members and the national BoD as the U.S. Non-Aligned Regional Director.  A brief resume is attached for your consideration.  Thank you!



Mr. Dalton has over twenty years of leadership experience, specializing in Cost Estimating, Cost Modeling, Risk Analysis, Cost Risk/Uncertainty Analysis, Business Case Analysis, Schedule Analysis, Analyses of Alternatives (AOA), Technical Evaluations, and ROI analyses.  Mr. Dalton attended the Air Force Institute of Technology in residence and was awarded a MS degree in Cost Analysis, achieving membership in Sigma Iota Epsilon for academic excellence.

Mr. Dalton is a certified cost estimator/analyst (CCE/A) by the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA), is the past president of the ICEAA Pikes Peak chapter, has thrice served on the SCEA best paper panel for the annual conference, has served as the training track chair at the ICEAA International Workshop/Conference, and is certified Acquisition Program Development Program (APDP) Level III [Financial Management].  Mr. Dalton also owns and manages his own Cold Stone Creamery franchise.



M.S., Cost Analysis, Air Force Institute of Technology, 1997

B.S., English/Science, U.S. Air Force Academy, 1994


Security Clearance:

NSA, DoJ, and DoD TS/SCI; DHS/TSA Suitability.



The MITRE Corporation, Colorado Springs, CO                                     January 2005 – Present

Mr. Dalton has led cost studies for Near Space, Joint Blue Force Situational Awareness, the Space Control Center Modernization (Cheyenne Mountain), the 850th ELSG C2 Gapfiller, and the ISIS (airborne sensor platform), performed Economic Analyses (EA) at Air Mobility Command, led Technical Evaluations for the Combat Survivor Evader Locator (CSEL) program office, performed cost risk analysis for the Prompt Global Strike AoA, Cost Estimating and Cost Modeling for the City of Houston (wireless infrastructure project), co-developed the DOJ/FBI Cost Estimating Guidance and training toolkit, co-authored NOAA cost estimating guidance, supported development of the SCEA Cost Estimating Body of Knowledge (CEBOK 1.0), and prepared Schedule Analyses for the NGA (National Geospatial Intelligence Agency).  Mr. Dalton has served as the AF Space Command liaison to the Air Force Cost Analysis Agency (AFCAA) for Cost Risk Analyses and Command cost and economic policy expert.  Mr. Dalton was the estimating team lead for a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) effort in IT modernization, led cost modeling efforts for AFNET data center consolidation efforts, and is currently leading pre-source selection activities for a DoD ACAT-IAM project.

MCR Federal, Inc., El Segundo, CA \ Colorado Springs, CO        August 2001 – December 2004

Mr. Dalton was a Senior Cost Analyst with MCR in Colorado Springs.  While at MCR, Mr. Dalton worked across a multiple domains, agencies, and programs.  His efforts included leading estimates, writing proposals, and conducting trade studies for NASA, DoD, NSA, the FAA, and the US Customs Service.  His projects included MILSATCOM, NAVSTAR-GPS (DAGR and MAGR2000), ITEMS (IT concept study for NSA), AFRL Rocket Motors, staffing studies, experimental (manned and unmanned) spacecraft, and MUOS.

United States Air Force, (various locations)                                                    June 1994 – Present

Mr. Dalton’s various Air Force assignments included Financial Management for Aerial Targets programs at Eglin AFB, Cost Chief for GPS JPO User Equipment (SMC), Cost Chief/Deputy Comptroller for SMC’s detachment 11 at Peterson AFB, and Cost Chief/ PCC for SMC/XRN at Los Angeles AFB.  Mr. Dalton is presently a Lt. Col. in the USAF Reserve, serving at SMC/XR (Los Angeles AFB) as the Program Control Chief for Advanced Development and is assisting with the organizational merger between SMC/XR and SMC/SD.


U.S. Non-Aligned Director Candidate: Jason Dechoretz

Mr. Jason Dechoretz has been with MCR since 1991 and currently serves as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). As CSO he manages MCR’s execution of its Strategic Plan, develops and advocates the MCR Brand, and supports service delivery and business development effort. Previously Mr. Dechoretz led MCR’s Federal practice and built out and matured its business development department. He has played significant roles developing formal Program Office Estimates (POE) and Independent Cost Estimates (ICE) for major Intelligence, Space and Weapon System acquisition programs, primarily using parametric estimating methods. In the late 90’s, he developed methodologies to link risk management with earned value management and created a tool that allows decision makers to evaluate the combined impact of cost and schedule risk. Mr. Dechoretz was either the project leader or principal statistician for a dozen research efforts which resulted in the creation of validated parametric models or recalibration of existing models. These tools ranged from satellite payloads, avionics development and integration, general hardware development and maintenance, and software development. He has presented papers and training classes at over 25 national and international conferences including ICEAA, ISPA, SCEA, DoDCAS, and INCOSE. In addition, he has provided technical training to various members of the DoD, Intelligence Community, NATO, UK MoD, and Contractors (e.g, MITRE, Lockheed Martin, and BAE Systems). Mr. Dechoretz currently supports the ICEAA Board of Directors through inter-organization outreach. During the merger of SCEA and ISPA, he was one of two principal architects of our governing documents (Constitution and By-laws).  In addition, he was co-chair of ISPA’s 2012 International Conference held in Brussels, BE.  He previously served on ISPA’s Board of Directors for seven years, with the last five of them as Chairman. Mr. Dechoretz earned a Masters of Arts in Business Economics (Econometrics) and Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Candidate’s Commitment:

If elected as the Director representing non-aligned (with local chapter) members I will strive to accomplish at least three things:

  1. An electronic communication forum where non-aligned members can share ideas and accomplishments, but which often occurs physically in the chapter meetings. While this information would not be excluded from aligned (chapter) members, my hope is that it gives them an effective medium to collaborate.
  2. Solicit direct feedback from non-aligned members prior to the ICEAA Board of Directors meetings so I know what you want represented at the meeting. Then after the meeting I will provide you direct feedback in the form of a short summary of issues and decisions which will affect you.
  3. Work with the appropriate appointed Directors and Committee Chairs to help them understand what products and services can best support the non-aligned members.

Of course these objectives are subject to change based on the decisions of the Board but also based on feedback I get from the non-aligned members.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve the non-aligned members!


U.S. Non-Aligned Director Candidate: Zachary Jasnoff

Relevant ICEAA Experience

I have both supported and participated in many ISPA/ICEAA conferences going back to 1985 and have won several Best In Track paper awards.  In recent years I have attended every ISPA/ICEAA conference from 2008-2013 and presented paper(s) at each of those conferences. I, also, authored a formal paper for Parametric World Spring 2009 entitled The Lifecycle Integration Framework : Extending Affordability Simulation Through Cost and Engineering Model Interoperability.

Statement for Serving on ICEAA Board

Throughout my 30+ year career in the field of cost estimating and analysis, I’ve strived to expand, promote and imbed parametric, data-driven techniques and methodologies in both government and industry.  My career in parametric cost estimating has spanned US GAO, Boeing, Lockheed, JP Morgan Chase and PRICE Systems.  Through various positions in these organizations I’ve had a chance to develop and apply these techniques on a wide range of programs in the fields of Aerospace, Space, Ships and Banking.

Serving on the ICEAA Board of Directors as the U.S. Non-Aligned Region Director would allow me to continue contributing to the field of cost estimating and analysis by leveraging my unique career perspectives and helping others grow. Throughout my career, ISPA and ICEAA were central in helping not only my own career growth, but the invaluable networking with other members for sharing the latest parametric methodologies and techniques. It would now be an honor for me to step into this role and give back to the community that I’ve relied on throughout my career.


Six Sigma Green Belt (Lockheed Martin)


Europe Region Director Candidate: Georges Teologlou

Relevant ICEAA experience

Board of Directors during 3 terms ending in 2005

Life member of ISPA



International Master of Science – M.SC.

Keith Burbridge award


A statement of why you wish to serve on the ICEAA board

After 3 terms on the board of ISPA, the Position of European director of ICEAA will give me the opportunity to expand the activities of the association in Europe.

This represents also a challenging opportunity to continue after the exceptional term served by Hervé Joumier.

Also my objective is to bring closer the European community with the US and Asia. Another point is to enlarge the Cost Management knowledge within our community and to Universities.


Australia Region Director Candidate: Tracey Clavell

Current Job

Head of Estimating and Pricing – BAE Systems Australia reporting to the Director of Procurement and Commercial (>8plus)

Relevant ICEAA experience

  • Served for two yrs as the Cbr Chapter Treasurer (2012-2014)
  • Current Position – VP of the Cbr Chapter (2014- o/g)
  • Member of the Cbr chapter since its inception
  • I am an active member who is in good standing with ICEAA
  • I have held many director positions in Australia in the past when we set up NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction a US voluntary support network) here many years ago 12 plus year
  • I was the first Australian to receive a Scholarship with NAWIC to work overseas in the US – so I understand the culture, volunteer organisations and structures


None with ICEAA, Various Australian academic achievements, most of my team in BAE are studying the ICEAA Cebok and are members

I have been in a senior executive position with BAE Systems Australia for 8 yrs plus as the Functional Head for Estimating and Pricing, and spent another 4 years prior as an E&P Mgr in the business. In  my role as the Head of Estimating & Pricing I have implemented the following initiatives:

  • Parametric Estimating Capabilities including global support networks
  • Internal Estimating capture tools and processes
  • People development and coaching frameworks
  • Internal Training courses which are also offered to industry and our customers
  • Robust procedures including review processes
  • Ensured linkages to accreditation frameworks such as ACoste and ICEAA
  • Strong linkages between BAE global and Academia global
  • A sound organisational structure to support the diversity of the business
  • Achieved gold status with Acoste in 2014 for our capabilities and frameworks (valid for 3 years)

Statement of why I wish to serve

I wish to serve on the ICEAA International board as I am passionate about Estimating and it would be an honour to serve. I see this as an opportunity to learn and grow personally and professionally. I also believe I will learn a lot about the organisation which I can pass on to the Australian Membership which is a relatively new chapter. I have held various volunteer board positions in the past and I thoroughly enjoy meeting people, sharing knowledge experience, helping people find support and contacts. I hope that with my knowledge, passion and experience I can support the board to for fill its requirements to its membership base. I also hope I can bring innovative ideas and positive behaviours and leadership skills to the board which is another area I am passionate about. I am use to attending board meetings as unusual times as 4 x a year I attend estimating council meetings with my peers in the UK via vidcon which is usually an all-nighter for me.


U.K. Region Director Candidate: Andy Nicholls

Relevant ICEAA Experience

As an ISPA member, he was elected to serve from 2005 to 2011 on the ISPA Board of Directors and served until June 2011. He serves currently as a member of the SCAF Board and from the start of ICEAA Andy has served as the UK Regional Director.  He has provided occasional lecturing support to internal UK MoD project management and at Cranfield University on their short course in Cost Engineering and continues to provide cost estimating training courses. He has presented papers at the European and North American PRICE Symposia, SCAF, EACE, CEC, DEI (Australia), ISPA, SCEA and ICEAA; on the way achieved a couple of ISPA/SCEA “best paper” awards. Andy was 2001European PRICE “Parametrician of the Year”.



Andy was ICEAA qualified as a Certified Cost Estimator and Analyst  (CCE/A) in 2008 and was re-certified in 2013.


Why I wish to serve on the ICEAA Board

I have been involved with the promotion and development of the cost forecasting and estimating skills within the UK both within government and externally in various Industry sectors. I work with colleagues in SCAF and also ACostE to discuss and aid these professional developments.  The work is ongoing with good take up of the certification programme and is at last having an impact on wider recognition of the value of this particular skill set.  There is much more to be done and I would like to continue to contribute and as an ICEAA board member I would also benefit from the range and depth of experiences of other members.



Born in Trowbridge Wiltshire, England. He is a Principal Consultant with PRICE Systems International responsible for parametric and costing consultancy and training delivery to customers in the UK and Scandinavia.

Andy joined PRICE in 2010 after a 37 year career with UK MoD in Procurement Costing organisations latterly based at Abbey Wood, Bristol where he managed the Software and Electronic Systems Team responsible for forecasting costs of future Electronic Systems and Software.  Andy wrote the first edition of the 2009 Cost Forecasting Guide. His duties also included review and generation of costing policy, methods and process development as well as in 2008, initiating the involvement of and providing background information to the Gray Study team which provided approximately £45M of additional funding to restructure and develop the UK MoD costing organisation.

Andy became involved with cost estimating responsibilities in 1983.  He has prepared hardware and software cost estimates for navy sonars of all types, data highways, radars (air & ground), torpedoes, communications equipment and electronic components such as travelling wave tubes. Andy was PRICE (parametric) trained in 1989 and shortly afterwards became manager of the underwater weapons Life Cycle Cost cell to develop in service costing methods and processes.

From 1994 to 2010 Andy headed the UK MoD team responsible for developing and providing cost forecasts of future electronic and software intensive systems across all defence sectors.  He represented UK costing views on a number of international collaborative and NATO programmes and was a member of the tri-lateral SISAIG group concerning ‘system of systems’ challenges.

Andy’s duties from 1994 to 2005 also included policy development, recommendation of future cost estimating certification needs and provision of software advice to the MoD community and development of an agreed Software MSc syllabus.

Interests outside work include a life long interest in amateur radio, astronomy and reading.


Elected Director Candidate: Erin Barkel

Relevant ICEAA experience:

  • assisting with planning ICEAA Day in Canada
  • conference attendee 2012, 2013, 2014
  • conference presenter 2013, 2014
  • journal article 2013
  • exam proctor 2013

Certifications:  PCEA

Personal statement:

I have been an ICEAA member since joining the Parliamentary Budget Office in 2012. In this short time I have authored and co-authored a number reports for the office, and presented my work to the costing and military communities through a variety of conference presentations. I am proud to be a member of ICEAA because the association provides a collaborative and collegial community in which to learn and grow as a professional.

In Canada the interest in cost estimating has grown with the advent of the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy and plans to recapitalize the Canadian Forces. Canadian cost estimators could benefit from the professional development opportunities offered by ICEAA, yet there is neither a Canadian ICEAA chapter, nor Canadian representation on the ICEAA board.  If elected, I will work to assist ICEAA to strengthen its presence in Canada.


Elected Director Candidate: Dan Harper

Mr. Harper is a Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst with over 20 years of professional experience providing Program Financial Management, Budget Support, Cost Estimating, Earned Value Management, Schedule Analysis and other consulting services for industry as well as Government agencies including all branches of the DoD, the Federal Bureau of investigation, Treasury, Census, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, National Reconnaissance Office, the Department of Homeland Security, the Internal Revenue Service, Veterans Health Administration, and Missile Defense Agency Programs.

Mr. Harper has estimated Hardware and Software/IT during all Acquisition and Support Phases of many commodities, including Navy Counter Mine Mission Systems, Aircraft Carriers, Submarine, Strategic Sealift, 21st Century Destroyer (DDX), Satellite (including Ground Stations), and Missile/Launch Vehicle programs. Mr. Harper has a passion for knowledge sharing and knowledge management and was awarded the annual MITRE Presidents Knowledge Management award in February 2014.

He has a Finance degree from Virginia Tech as well as a Masters in Technology Management from George Mason University.  He has been an ICEAA (and previously SCEA) member for over 15 years and has been recently active at the national level, attending the 2013 and 2014 annual workshops, and participates with the Washington DC and Baltimore Chapters both giving and attending webinars, luncheons and training whenever possible.  Mr. Harper was awarded Best Paper, Methods and Models Track I at the ICEAA 2013 Annual Conference.


Elected Director Candidate: Rich Harwin

I want to support and work for the organization’s future. I believe I can by utilizing my relationships with in the ICEAA membership and within Industry to further the growth and reputation, and expand the credibility of the estimating function through our organization.

Rich Harwin is currently in the Boeing: Engineering, Operations and Test organization developing estimates, models and data that supports commercial and defense research and test & evaluation programs. Rich has 33 years of experience in estimating, parametrics, risk assessment, modeling, pricing, and cost proposal development. And is the company subject matter expert in risk assessment/modeling, parametric modeling, affordability analysis and business case analysis.

The previous 5 years he was in Boeing, Defense Systems, Transaction Analysis Group in Seal Beach CA, and provided internal independent assessments of proposals and estimates, for the CFO, before submittal. Prior to that, he was the Director of Estimating and Pricing for C3Networks in Huntington Beach/Anaheim, California with responsibility for the estimating system; processes and procedures, FAR/estimating system compliance, as well as facilitating employee skills development at his site.  He was also coordinating the function for each program estimating & pricing groups in Huntington Beach and Anaheim, such as Delta IV, FCS, JTRS, Fab-T and Phantom Works. In addition, he had served as Senior Manager for the Phantom Works Estimating and Pricing group in Southern California for Boeing.

Before relocating to Huntington Beach in 2003, Rich held various assignments within Boeing/McDonnell Douglas in St. Louis, Missouri.  During his 22 years there, he contributed to many of the production and prototype aircraft programs, with experiences ranging through the entire product life cyle. His last assignment in St. Louis was as Manager of Estimating, Pricing and Procurement/ Financial Analysis on the X-45A/C Unmanned Combat Airborne Vehicle program.

Rich has a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Missouri at Rolla.

Rich had been a member of Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis (SCEA) while in St. Louis, and joined the International Society of Parametric Analysts (ISPA) in 2004. Rich has served on the Southern California Chapter Board of Directors for ISPA, and has hosted Workshops at Boeing at El Segundo in 2008 and 2013 and Huntington Beach in 2010 and 2014. He has served as a track chair at conferences in 2007 and 2008. And Rich was elected to the society’s International Board of Directors in June of 2009, Elections lead in 2010, Co-Chair for the 2011 Joint ISPA/SCEA Conference in Albuquerque NM, and Executive Manager through 2012, served on the SCEA/ISPA Integration Committee and on the Interim ICEAA Board. Rich was the Co-Chair for the 2014 ICEAA Conference in Denver CO and recently re-elected to the So Cal Chapter Board.


Elected Director Candidate: Daniel Nussbaum


It has been an honor to serve ICEAA (and before that, SCEA) in different roles, including being a Past President.  If elected to the Board, it is my intention to continue to serve the Society, the profession and you, the members.  I have four strategic goals for ICEAA:

  • Growing and strengthening our chapters;
  • Improving our professional training capabilities;
  • Expanding and deepening our relationships with other professional organizations; and
  • Establishing responsible stewardship of the society’s financial condition.


As a Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School, I am teaching, developing curricula, and consulting on cost and related issues.  I am particularly proud of the development and establishment of NPS’ all-distance-learning Master’s in Cost Estimating and Analysis (MCEA) program that is now into its fifth cohort!  I am also excited about a forthcoming textbook, for which I am coauthor, entitled Cost Estimation: Methods and Tools.

My other professional cost estimating experiences include: Director of the Naval Center for Cost Analysis; Principal with the  consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton; Chair of the NPS Energy Academic Group; and Chief of Army Cost Estimating throughout Europe.

I welcome your support and will do all I can to support ICEAA, its goals and its membership.


Elected Director Candidate: Eric Plumer

Relevant ICEAA Experience

I have been an active member of ICEAA for over 10 years and was active in both the previous SCEA and ISPA organizations.   I have attended all Workshops since 2006 and have been a regular paper presenter in the area of NASA Cost Analysis, Risk Analysis, and Database development.  In 2014, I won Best Paper for in the Risk Track for the paper titled:  “Critique of Cost-Risk Analysis and Frankenstein Spacecraft Designs: A Proposed Solution.”  In addition, I review and update the workshop training class “Data Collection” Training Track for all sections pertaining to NASA’s data collection and database methodologies and processes. Previously, I supported Tom Coonce working behind the scenes as he executed his duties while on ISPA’s Board of Directors between 2005-2008.

  • CCEA certification in 2009–Renewed certification in 2014
  • Level III DoD Certification in Financial Management and Cost Estimating
  • Air Force Fin Management Staff Officer Course (FMSOC)
  • FAA Airman Private Pilot Certification


Statement of Intent:

As an experienced cost analyst for 20 years and with my leadership skills acquired in my current role at NASA, I feel that I can bring my strong analytical abilities to serve as a member of the ICEAA Board of Directors.  I have accumulated a skillset that I can utilize in representing the ICEAA organization in meaningful ways.  My goal will be to help ICEAA move forward and explore new growth areas and positive training opportunities for our community in the years ahead.  Since 2005 I have helped establish and direct NASA’s Cost Analysis Data Requirements (CADRe).  I successfully moved this program from its infancy taking the necessary actions to make this program gain acceptance to become NASA’s most robust cost, technical and programmatic database program- one that did not previously exist.  In this role, I’m responsible for planning, prioritizing, funding, and directing, supporting data collection, and review of over 250 CADRe events for both on-going and historical flight projects at NASA.  In October 2014, I received the NASA HQs civil servant/contractor team award for the success of this program.  As the cost data guru at NASA, I also provide program analysis on various NASA project as an agency expert to ensure programmatic cost and schedule risks are analyzed to ensure success in meeting mission critical goals and objectives.   All of the work skills will help me serve on the board and make sure the needs of the community are voiced, deliberated, and acted on responsibly while considering the critical needs of the ICEAA members.

I have received professional leadership training at NASA including a competievely training program at Wallops Island, Virginia in 2012 titled: “Leadership Alignment for Managers (LAM): Leading Through Influence”.  The skills I learned have already helped me when serving several times a year as the acting director for the Cost Analysis Division (CAD).

My cost career began with the Air Force in 1993 where I worked in the Air Force Cost Analysis Agency for nearly 10 years.  While working in the aircraft and space divisions I served as cost analyst on many ACAT I programs including, B-2, F-22, V-22, F-35 and Advanced EHF.  I also spent two years at AFCAA serving as acting chief and manager for the AFCAA $10M Cost Research program.  Before I came to NASA, I worked for 4 years at the Internal Revenue Service where I was the lead for developing, reviewing, and running labor forecasting models including the IRS Labor Cost Model, as well as developing unit cost rates.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics, and a Master’s in Information Technology. I have a Level III DoD Certification in Financial Management and Cost Estimating and received the CCEA certification in 2009 which was just renewed in 2014.



Elected Director Candidate: Gary Zarlengo

Statement of Interest

My interest in serving on the ICEAA board as an Elected Director is threefold.  First, I would like to be involved in development of strategy and plans, from a mid-size organization perspective, that supports ICEAA’s growth and maturation as a technically respected service organization to industry and government.   Second, I see a need for planning and expanding ICEAA’s outreach efforts to segments of the industry that are not currently actively involved in ICEAA activities, particularly small businesses and second tier supplier firms.  Finally, I would like to ensure that ICEAA’s educational experience for professional staff from both industry and government remains dynamic, relevant and accessible and enables ICEAA members to become more practiced in use of analytical and quantitative estimating techniques.

Executive Profile

Gary began his career with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). He held responsible positions in both technical and business arenas; as an independent cost estimator and economic analyst for new space programs in the Comptroller’s office; as the Experiment Manager for a joint university-industry-government effort targeted to develop a next generation communication satellite; and finally as the Deputy Director of Finance for the Space Station development program.  Gary’s accomplishments highlighted his capabilities as a mentor, leader, and strategic collaborator for both financial and technical staff.  As a result, Gary was one of the youngest selections to the NASA Senior Executive Service.

After 13 years at NASA, Gary joined Orbital Science Corp where he was re-located to Chandler, Arizona as the Vice President of Finance for the Space Data division.  In that position, he worked with the Division President to increase sales and profitability of an acquired business in support of a pending Initial Public Offering (IPO).  Within nine months of starting the assignment, he restructured the finance and contracts organization, established EVMS and cost estimating groups within the business unit and together with the division President enabled annual sales growth from $28M to $100M.  Gary then accepted the challenge to improve profitability and production performance as General Manager of an Orbital business segment in Tempe Arizona.  Within six months, Gary increased shipments and profitability, reestablished customer credibility, and obtained follow-on orders.

Gary subsequently co-founded CrossLink Inc., a startup firm focused on developing and delivering innovative Radio Frequency (RF) products for both domestic and international markets.  As CEO, Gary had the company operating profitably within its first two years, negotiating profitable product development, intellectual property, indemnification, and production contracts with Bridgestone Firestone, Shell Oil, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin for RF and RF Identification (RFID) products and solutions.

Most recently, Gary has been involved leading the cost and pricing efforts for new business across two of Ball Aerospace’s Strategic Business Units (SBUs).  He is actively involved in expanding Ball’s effort in historical data mining for use in developing internal analogous and parametric cost estimates.  He has, also, been instrumental in formalizing development of new tools for internal use in developing and documenting new business estimates.  His efforts include expanding internal use of risk based cost and profitability analysis in proposal pricing.  He is, also, developing methods and materials to use in training and mentoring Ball’s financial staff on these techniques.

Gary currently is Treasurer and member of the Board of Directors of the Boulder Symphony, is a co-founder and owner of a local restaurant, and serves on the Board of his local Homeowners Association.  In the past, he served as a Board member of his community association, and was on the Board of Directors of Crosslink, Inc.

Gary earned a Master’s Degree in Urban Economics and a Bachelors Degree in Business Finance and Marketing from the University of Colorado.  He, also, earned a Master Certificate in Government Contracting from George Washington University,  a Certified Public Accounting (CPA) certificate from the State of Virginia, and holds a Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst (CCE/A) designation from the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA).