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Train, Attain, Sustain… Certification Matters!

Exam Date:  February 3, 2018
Application Deadline:  January 5, 2018
Location: Crystal City, VA.  CLOSED.  Wait List Only – contact Sharon Burger at sharon@iceaaonline.org for more information.

Exam Date:  February 16, 2018
Application Deadline:  January 19, 2018
Location: Seattle, WA. Open to Boeing Employees.

Exam Date:  March 3, 2018
Application Deadline:  February 2, 2018
Location: El Segundo, CA.  Additional locations scheduled upon request

Exam Date:  April 28, 2018
Application Deadline:  March 30, 2018
Location: Huntsville, AL.  Additional locations scheduled upon request

Exam Date:  June 16, 2018
Application Deadline:  May 4, 2018
Location: 2018 Professional Development & Training Workshop in Phoenix, AZ.  Additional locations scheduled upon request

Interested in taking a certification exam?
Check out the eligibility page to see if you qualify. Once qualified, select a date and apply for an exam. If you’re unsure about where and when someone is hosting an exam near you, contact the ICEAA International Business Office at iceaa@iceaaonline.org or at 703-642-3090. If it is determined that ICEAA is unlikely to offer an exam in your area in the near future, alternatives will be suggested including arranging your own exam with a local proctor; college or university; or testing service.

Interested in hosting a certification exam?
ICEAA will support a certification exam at your location if you’re able to identify: 1) a qualified proctor; 2) a room available on the exam date for five hours with enough tables and chairs to accommodate every other seating; and 3) one or more enthusiastic, qualified examinees. Just contact the ICEAA International Business Office two months in advance of the exam date to make the arrangements. Anyone who holds a current ICEAA CCEA® certification can serve as an exam proctor.

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