International Training Symposium Speaker Bios

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Alain Abran
Ecole de technologie superieure – University of Quebec
Risk Analysis Track: Should You Care About How Good An Estimation Process? (RA05)
Software Track: Measurement of Software Size: Contributions of COSMIC to Estimation Improvements (SW02)

Alain Abran is professor at École de Technologie Supérieure – Université du Québec (Canada). He is the chairman of the Common Software Measurement International Consortium (COSMIC). He has provided extensive support to Renault in implementing their estimation program and full automation of COSMIC sizing for real-time embedded software projects. Author of the books ‘Software Project Estimation’, ‘Software Metrics and Software Metrology’ and ‘Software Maintenance Management’ and the 2004 co-executive editor of the Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge – SWEBOK.

Ruby Aka
Independent Consultant
Models & Methods Track: Facilities Cost Estimates Drivers in the Oil and Gas Field Development (MM02)

Ruby Aka is an experienced Exploration and Production (E&P) Project Consultant. She has over fifteen years of experience in E&P project execution, cost benchmarking,and analysis, project front-end loading, field development planning and project management in a wide variety of projects in the oil and gas sectors. She holds an MSc in Oil and Gas Engineering, The Robert Gordon University, United Kingdom and a B.Eng. in Chemical Engineering, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria.

Brian Alford
Booz Allen Hamilton
Government Perspectives Track: NASA Project Cost Estimating Capability: New Analyses for Spacecraft Estimating (GP03)

Brian Alford is an operations research analyst at Booz Allen Hamilton currently supporting the NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center. His expertise focuses primarily around designing, developing, and employing models for conducting cost and decision analyses in support of portfolio- and project-level decision making. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics, and holds his CCE/A certification.

Henry Apgar
MCR Technologies
Space Systems Track: The SSCAG Legacy (SS06)

Henry (Hank) Apgar has been a SSCAG member since the second meeting, serving roles as Software Group Chair, Risk Group Co-Chair, and Steering Group Chair. Currently Director of MCR Technologies, he pursues space program affordability. He has a BS degree in electrical engineering and an MBA. Hank is an ICEAA Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst (CCEA). He prepared the Cost Estimating Chapter for the 2011 Space Mission Engineering Handbook (the new SMAD).

Michail Bozoudis
Hellenic Air Force
Risk Analysis Track: A Parametric Model for the Cost Per Flight Hour (RA04)

Michail Bozoudis serves as a Senior Engineer in the Hellenic Air Force. During his 24-year military career he held senior positions in the fields of maintenance, QA and QC, cost engineering, airworthiness, ILS, data analysis, and system life cycle management. He holds a B.Sc. in Aeronautical Engineering, a M.B.A. in Business Administration and a M.Sc. in Applied Statistics.

Peter J. Braxton
Technomics, Inc.
CEBoK Training Track: Probability & Statistics (TRN07)
CEBoK Training Track: Cost/Earned Value Management (TRN09)

Peter Braxton is a Senior Cost Analyst with Technomics, Inc., where he supports the Cost Assessment Data Enterprise (CADE) ( and other defense and intelligence community projects. He has served as ICEAA’s inaugural Vice President for Professional Development for the past three years and as the Managing Editor of the Cost Estimating Body of Knowledge (CEBoK) since its inception. He has taught CEBoK extensively in the United States, Europe, and Australia and is chairing the Training track at the quadrennial European conference for the third consecutive time.

Kurt Brunner
Risk Analysis Track: CER Issues And Solutions (RA06)
CEBoK Training Track: Cost Estimating Techniques (TRN01)

Kurt Brunner has over 38 years of cost estimating experience in high technology engineering and manufacturing environments. Currently, he is a Parametric Cost Estimator performing Price to Win analyses for Leidos. Kurt has developed several contractor in-house estimating tools, parametric models, Department of Defense (DoD) certified pricing systems. Kurt is currently the Region 7 (Southwest) Director of ICEAA, and is the President of the SoCal Chapter. He is a CCEA and CPP.

Erik Burgess
Burgess Consulting, Inc.
Space Systems Track: Satellite Mass Growth (SS01)

Erik Burgess has provided cost estimating and program support to the National Reconnaissance Office since 1995, and prior to that he supported space programs at the USAF Space and Missile Systems Center as an engineer and cost estimator. He is the president of Burgess Consulting Inc., and has also served with The Aerospace Corporation, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and MCR, LLC. Mr. Burgess earned his M.S. and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Patrick Cross
Ministry of Defence, UK
CEBoK Training Track: Software Cost Estimating (TRN08)

Pat has worked for the UK MoD for 32 years, the last 22 years as a Cost Analyst/Forecaster in CAAS (Cost Analysis & Assurance Services). He has worked across many sectors in Defence– sonobuoys, maritime combat systems, maritime radar systems, Maritime Underwater Future Capability (MUFC) and FCAS (Future Combat Air System) to name a few. He became CCEA-P certified in May 2009.

Victoria Cuff
United States Air Force
Management Track: OSA: Cost and Schedule Saver or Driver? (MG04)

Victoria Cuff is a newcomer to the cost field, with just over three years of experience as an estimator with the Air Force Lifecycle Management Center. She received her B.S. from Clemson University in Actuarial Science and Business Management and continued on to receive her Master’s in Computational Mathematics. Her integrated schedule/cost analysis work has earned her numerous awards- proving the value of her analytical background and fresh perspective on high visibility defense programs.

Stephen Curram
Decision Analysis Services Ltd
Government Perspectives Track: OSCAM – US Navy’s Operating and Support Cost Estimating Tool (GP05)

Stephen Curram is a Managing Consultant at Decision Analysis Services Ltd. He is an Operational Research practitioner, with more than 25 years’ experience in the field, specializing in cost modelling, System Dynamics, and applications software development. He was previously a lecturer in Operations Research at Warwick Business School where he also gained a PhD in simulation and artificial intelligence.

Neil Davies
Defence Economics Ltd
Management Track: The Value of R&D – a Real Options Analysis Approach (MG01)

Neil is a very highly skilled economist with 33 years’ experience in Government. He worked as Chief Economist for the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) from February 1996 to March 2012, dealing with all major spending projects requiring central approval and advising Ministers and senior MOD officials how wider economic issues related to the defence sector, such as trade, employment and technology should be handled.

Fabian Eilingsfeld
PRICE Systems Ltd.
Space Systems Track: Halfway to Anywhere (SS04)

Fabian Eilingsfeld is country manager for PRICE Systems in Germany. He holds a PhD in aerospace engineering from the Berlin Institute of Technology and an MBA from the International Space University (ISU) in Strasbourg. He published a book and over 30 technical papers and articles, mainly on space technology matters. He is an internationally renowned expert and guest lecturer on the subject of space tourism and cost reduction in space transportation.

Brian D. Fersch
United States Air Force
Management Track: Making the Most of Open Systems Architectures (MG04)

Brian Fersch serves as the Technical Director, Electronic Systems Cost & Economic Analysis Division for the Air Force Lifecycle Management Center. He has also served with the Air Force Cost Analysis Agency, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Cost & Economics, Defense Business Initiatives Council, as well as a startup internet services firm. Mr. Fersch is a graduate of Virginia Tech, the University of Maryland, and the US Air War College.

Anna Foote
PRICE Systems
Models & Methods Track: Automated Data Collection (MM06)

Anna Foote is a Cost Research Analyst at PRICE Systems, LLC. At PRICE, she has worked with the product development team to test the functions of TruePlanning. As a part of the Cost Research team, Anna has used RapidMiner to gather the pricing and specifications of hardware and software components that will contribute to the IT models. She has done research on topics such as RICEFW and programming languages to improve the software catalog.

Keith Garland
Galorath, Inc.
Sponsor Showcase Track: CAD to Cost with SEER and CATIA v5 (SPON05)

Keith joined Galorath International in 2003. Keith has traveled the world supporting and training a variety of customers in various industries in the use of the SEER suite and in the performance of estimating activities. Consultancy tasks include: Life cycle cost analysis on the European Fire Control System for a weapon system, Independent Parametric Cost analysis of a Destroyer class warship and replacement Collins class submarine for the Australian DoD. Keith’s estimating career began at Westland Helicopters in 1992, where he eventually held the position of Chief Estimator.

Christine Green
IFPUG & HP Enterprise
Software Track: Software Estimating Model Using IFPUG Standard Sizing Methods (SW04)

Christine Green works for HP Enterprise (HPE) as a process manager and Lean Six Sigma resource. Christine Green is considered an industry expert within Process improvement with special focus on Metrics, Measurement and Estimating. In that capacity Christine Green is in addition to her work in HP Enterprise a executive board member of the International Function Points User Group (IFPUG) and International Software Benchmark Standards Group (ISBSG).

Sarah Green
NATO Communications and Information Agency
CEBoK Training Track: Data Analysis (TRN04)

Sarah Green is a Senior Cost Professional at NATO, and previously worked as an Operations Research Analyst in the Space Division at the Air Force Cost Analysis Agency. Ms. Green has worked in the cost estimating field for 10 years, providing analysis support to a variety of agencies including NATO, Air Force, Navy, NOAA, and the intelligence community. She received her undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Azusa Pacific University and then graduated from Penn State with a degree in Systems Engineering.

Ashley Hoenigke
PRICE Systems, LLC
Software Track: Cloud Solutions – Infrastructure, Platform or Software (SW01)

Ashley Hoenigke is a Cost Research Analyst at PRICE Systems, LLC with two years of experience building cost models. Ashley has contributed to several PRICE cost models, both in researching CERs and implementing solutions as Cost Object Models. Her major contributions are in Space Missions, Rotorcraft and the new IT Infrastructure Model. For the IT Infrastructure Model, she has done extensive data collection and regression analysis to come up with educated CERs.

Bob Hunt
Galorath Federal Incorporated
Software Track: Applying Earned Value to Agile Development Programs (SW06)
Space Systems Track: QuickCost 6.0 (SS02)

Mr. Hunt has over 40 years of cost estimating and economic analysis experience. He began his career teaching mathematics and statistics at the Army Logistic Management College and ending his Government career Chief of the Independent Cost Estimating (ICE) Division for Vehicles, Ammunition, and Electronics at the U.S. Army Cost Center (now ODASA-CE). He is currently President of Galorath Federal Incorporated and has served in various technical and senior management positions in industry.

Chris Hutchings
Galorath, Inc.
Sponsor Showcase Track: An Introduction to SEER for Systems Engineering (SPON06)

Chris Hutchings joined Galorath in 2005 and serves as its Business Development Director. He is responsible for establishing new client relationships for the western United States, western Canada, Central America, South America and China. Previously he worked as a Senior Professional Officer for the UK Ministry of Defence focusing primarily on estimation, risk analysis and logistics support.

Alan R. Jones
Estimata Limited
Risk Analysis Track: Outing the Outliers (RA02)
Risk Analysis Track: Inherent Risk in Spreadsheets (IRiS) (RA07)
CEBoK Training Track: Learning Curve Analysis (TRN03)
CEBoK Training Track: Regression/Parametric Analysis (TRN05)

38 years’ experience as a Cost Estimator and developing Estimating Capability at BAE Systems. Now an independent consultant to government and industry in “Estimating Skills Training in Methods Approaches Techniques and Analysis” (EST.i.MAT-A). Mathematician/Statistician and regular presenter and workshop host at ACostE Conferences and SCAF. Regular participant as an “Expert” Panelist at the SCAF Challenge. Fellow of the Association of Cost Engineers (ACostE), Chairman of ACostE Accreditation Board and ACostE Director. Currently in discussion with a publisher for a five book series on numerical techniques for estimators.

Alexander King
Amplio Services
Management Track: Using Public Data for Validation and Winning Bids (MG03)

Alex King has over 6 years’ experience of bidding in industry and cost forecasting on the customer side of major procurements. In bidding, costs need to be competitive as well as reasonable. This has driven Alex to make resourceful use of all public data that can be used to validate predictions. Alex specialises in measuring productivity, triangulating information and pricing bids to win.

Andrew Langridge
PRICE Systems
Models & Methods Track: Automated Data Collection (MM06)
Sponsor Showcase Track: PRICE Systems Integrated Cost Management Platform (SPON03)

Andrew started his career working in a bespoke machine tool developer and moved into ITTs advanced manufacturing unit. Andrew has been working in the field of estimation for over 25 years supporting both hardware and software projects for blue chip companies across many industries. Andrew is a visiting Professor at the University of Bath, a visiting Fellow at Cranfield University and a Fellow of the Association of Cost Engineers. Andrew is the Vice President for Business Development Northern Europe for PRICE Systems International responsible for promoting the improvement of estimation capability across a wide range of industries and applications.

Donald MacKenzie
MacKenzie Consulting, Inc.
Space Systems Track: Satellite Mass Growth (SS01)

Don MacKenzie is an independent consultant for U.S. government customers. His experience spans many areas of estimating, data analysis, model development and management at Wyle for 30 years and at UNISYS before that. He earned his B.S. and M.S. with honors in Civil Engineering from UC Berkeley and studied in the Doctoral Program at UCLA. Mr. MacKenzie was awarded the prestigious Freiman Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Society of Parametric Analysts.

Candace Mahala
MCR Federal LLC
Government Perspectives Track: NATO Agency Transformation: Creating a Centralized Cost Estimating Capability (GP07)

A Senior Cost Estimator and Program Manager, Candace Mahala has supported the US Air Force, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and industry for a wide variety of projects. With over 10 years cost estimating experience, she has effectively supported highly complex weapon system modernization projects, software intensive projects, and facilities implementation. Candace has a BA in Mathematics from Emmanuel College and a MS in Operations Research from Northeastern University

Arlene F. Minkiewicz
PRICE Systems, LLC
Software Track: Cloud Solutions – Infrastructure, Platform or Software (SW01)
CEBoK Training Track: Data Collection & Normalization (TRN02)

Arlene F. Minkiewicz is the Chief Scientist at PRICE Systems, LLC with over 31 years of experience at PRICE building cost models. She leads the cost research activity for TruePlanning, the suite of cost estimating products that PRICE provides. She is a software measurement expert dedicated to finding creative solutions focused on helping make software development professionals successful. She is widely published and speaks frequently on software related topics.

Greg Mislick
U.S. Naval Postrgraduate School
Government Processes Track: Master of Cost Estimating & Analysis Brief (GP06)
CEBoK Training Track: Learning Curve Analysis (TRN03)
CEBoK Training Track: Regression/Parametric Analysis (TRN05)

Greg Mislick is a Senior Lecturer at NPS in the Operations Research (OR) Dept. His expertise is in life cycle cost estimating and modeling, probability and statistics, regression analysis, data analysis, and optimization. He is a retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel aviator, with five overseas deployments and 3,000 pilot flight hours in CH-46E helicopters. He is the Program Manager for the MCEA program at NPS, and has written a textbook entitled “Cost Estimation: Methods and Tools” with co-author Dr. Daniel Nussbaum.

Linda Newnes
University of Bath
Models & Methods Track: Costing Aircraft Availability and 50-Shades of Grey Water (MM04)
CEBoK Training Track: Cost Estimating Techniques (TRN01)

Dr Newnes leads the costing research at the University of Bath. The sectors/application areas for her activities include e.g.; aerospace, defence, medical device design, modelling uncertainty in through life costing, modelling inservice costs and tradeoff analysis between specification and cost. She works with industry, providing cost estimating methods and tools to enable evidence based decision making. She leads the team focusing on crosssector cost modelling in defence and utilities.

Andy Nolan
Rolls-Royce plc
Management Track: The 10+/-2 Factors for Estimate Accuracy (MG06)

Andy Nolan has been at Rolls-Royce since 1989. He is the Chief of Project estimation and his role involves developing and deploying estimation capability across the business.

Doug Oldfield
Palisade EMEA & India
Sponsor Showcase Track: Making better decisions with Monte Carlo simulation: @RISK and understanding the future (SPON04)

Doug Oldfield joined Palisade in 2008 and travels around the world showing organisations how @RISK can improve their decision making capabilities and understanding of risks. He has worked with clients in industries ranging from oil and gas, finance, and pharmaceutical, through to defence, engineering/construction, and finance. He passionate believes in the need for stochastic analysis, although his route to his current role includes a degree in Politics, IT management, marketing, and a stint as manager of “The Busiest Shop in the World” (according to the Guinness Book of Records).

Grady Noll
PRICE Systems
Models & Methods Track: Development of an Additive Manufacturing Cost Model (MM05)

Grady Noll is a cost research analyst for Price Systems and a graduate of Lehigh University’s engineering program in 2015. He acted as a student consultant for Effort Foundry during his final year, where proposals made by him and his team led to noticeable improvements to the foundry’s processes. He is now playing an active role in the implementation of several new models at Price Systems.

David Peacock
Wessex Water
Models & Methods Track: Costing Aircraft Availability and 50-Shades of Grey Water (MM04)

After studying mathematics at the University of Bath David has worked for Wessex water for 5-years, taking a leading role in the programme optimisation, the assessment of efficient wholesale costs and the setting of the outcome delivery incentives during PR14. In the run up to PR19 he is involved in industry working groups investigating how efficient wholesale costs should be assessed & outcome delivery incentives defined in future price controls

David Pine
Space Systems Track: Hubble Space Telescope and Its Color Photographs (SS03)

David Pine, retired in 2001 after a 34-year career with NASA. He was responsible for the program analyses and independent performance and cost evaluations of all major NASA initiatives to ensure cost realism for NASA’s Deputy Administrator’s Program Management Council. From 1988 through 1990 he was the Deputy Program Manager for the Hubble Space Telescope Program, specifically responsible for the telescope instruments, operations, servicing and science support aspects of the program.

Sanathanan Rajagopal
Ministry of Defence, UK
Software Track: Introduction to Software Obsolescence Cost Analysis Framework (SW05)
CEBoK Training Track: Software Cost Estimating (TRN08)

Sanathanan Rajagopal is a Fellow of Defence Equipment and Support, Specializing in Software and Parametric Estimating and Software Obsolescence Management. Sanath is a senior Cost Analyst within UK Ministry of Defence. Sanath is an ISPA certified parametric estimator who has worked in various high profile Defence projects. Sanath is now looking after Cost Forecasting Head of Profession within CAAS (Cost Assurance and Analysis Service) and he is also the Deputy Chairman for SCAF.

Georg Reinbold
Models & Methods Track: Successful Cost Estimating with T1-Equivalents (MM03)

Georg Reinbold is Senior Cost Engineer at ESA, the European Space Agency. He has more than 25 years experience in parametric cost estimation, thereof 20 years with Astrium in Bremen. He is member of ICEAA, the German ISPA and SSCAG. In the year 2000 he was honoured by the international ISPA as the Parametrician of the Year.

Joachim Schoeffer
4cost GmbH
Risk Analysis Track: The Way From a Parametric Estimate to a CAD-Driven Calcualtion (RA03)

Joachim Schoeffer is managing partner at the 4cost GmbH. He graduated the Hochschule Bremerhaven and the TU Berlin as an chemical and energy engineer. After different jobs in international IT-companies like PTC and FileNET he started in 2002 a self-employed career as a calculator and cost engineer. In 2008 he founded with Herbert Spix and Thomas Przybilla the 4cost GmbH. Since 2010 he has a lectureship at Beuth Hochschule Berlin in the profession process controlling

Dr. Ettore Settani
IfM University of Cambridge
Models & Methods Track: Costing Aircraft Availability and 50-Shades of Grey Water (MM04)

Ettore Settanni is Research Associate at the Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge, where he focuses on the development and application of analytical approaches to supply chain network design with an inter-disciplinary outlook. Previously, Ettore has carried out research in the field of availability-based contracting with applications to the UK defence industry. Ettore has developed cross-industry applications of his research by engaging with the water utility industry

Dale Shermon
Qinetiq, Ltd.
Management Track: What Does A Mature Cost Engineering Organisation Look Like? (MG02)

Dale Shermon is a QinetiQ Fellow and Head of Profession for Cost Engineering in QinetiQ Advisory Service. Dale was the author of the Gower publication “Systems Cost Engineering” (ISBN: 978-0-566-08861-2) which was published in July 2009. He was the first European to be awarded the Frank Freiman award in 2009 for lifetime contributions to parametric estimating. He was the first European to become an ISPA Certified Parametric Practitioner in 2003 and gained ICEAA Certified Cost Estimator in 2015.

John Shimell
Polaris Consulting Ltd
Management Track: The Value of R&D – a Real Options Analysis Approach (MG01)

John is a Principal Consultant and Project Manager for multiple Operational Analysis projects for MoD Customers including Defense Standards (a Bayesian Belief network approach to valuing defence standards); Support Solutions Assurance (industry best practices to inform the RN); Fuels Study for the RN; Historical Energy Trend Analysis for Military Capabilities including Carrier Strike; and case studies on improving the Forecasting of Support Consumption

David Simms
Galorath, Inc.
Sponsor Showcase Track: What’s New and What’s Coming in SEER (SPON07)

David Simms joined Galorath International in 2008, based in Andover in the UK. David has responsibility for the sales of SEER products and services, as well as the development of a network of key business partnerships in the UK, Australia, South Africa, Europe and Scandinavia. David’s background is in Aerospace & Defence, having worked for a Tier 1 supplier for 18 years, graduating as an engineering apprentice and moving to roles in Purchasing, Finance, Quality, Production and Project Management.

Christian B. Smart
Missile Defense Agency
Models & Methods Track: The Signal and the Noise in Cost Estimating (MM01)
CEBoK Training Track: Cost/Schedule Risk Analysis (TRN06)

Dr. Christian Smart is the Director of Cost Analytics and Parametric Estimating for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA). Prior to joining MDA, Dr. Smart supported NASA as a contractor. In 2010 he received an Exceptional Public Service Medal from NASA and the 2009 Parametrician of the Year from ISPA. He has won eight best paper awards at ISPA, SCEA, and ICEAA conferences, including five best overall paper awards.

Herbert Spix
4cost GmbH
Risk Analysis Track: The Way From a Parametric Estimate to a CAD-Driven Calcualtion (RA03)

Steve Sterk
NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center
Government Processes Track: NASA’s X-Plane Database and Parametric Cost Model V2.0 (GP08)

Steve Sterk is a senior cost engineer working within the CFO Office at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center. He literally develops or reviews several hundred cost estimates per year for the Research Center. He has written and published numerous white papers. He is a Certified Parametric Practitioner (CPP). He is a Life Member of ICEAA. Steve is focusing his efforts in developing a “Parametric X-Plane Cost Model”, based on historical cost data from NASA X-Planes.

Dean Stone
PRICE Systems
Sponsor Showcase Track: TruePlanning 2016 Update (SPON02)

Dean Stone joined PRICE Systems as an Executive Consultant in 2016. His background is in Engineering and Bid Winning, focusing on cost and developing innovative strategies. Most recently employed in a major Defense OEM leading the Bidding and Product Investment team, Dean has over 15 years’ experience in Cost Management and Pricing and was the costing lead for a number of significant Ministry of Defense and International successes.

Charles Symons
Software Track: Measurement of Software Size: Contributions of COSMIC to Estimation Improvements (SW02)

Charles Symons is the Chairman of the Measurement Practices Committee of the COSMIC Group (Common Software Measurement International Consortium). He has over 40 years of expertise in software development in various senior management position in international software organizations.

F. Gurney Thompson III
PRICE Systems
Models & Methods Track: Development of an Additive Manufacturing Cost Model (MM05)

Gurney Thompson is a senior cost research analyst at PRICE Systems. Prior to his research into additive manufacturing, he led a project enhancing cost models for future rotorcraft concepts and technologies. In 2012-2013, he led a major effort developing data-driven approaches to electronics cost estimation. In 2010-2011, he was the primary architect of solutions for estimating total ownership cost. Gurney graduated with a B.S. in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia in 2007.

Michael Thompson
Galorath Federal Incorporated
Software Track: Applying Earned Value to Agile Development Programs (SW06)

Michael Thompson is a internationally recognized as a leader, teacher, and consultant on Earned Value Management (EVM). He presented several papers on EVM, Price/Cost Analysis, and Scheduling. He has taught hundreds of professionals and led EVMS implementation, compliance reviews, Integrated Baseline Reviews, independent assessment reviews, and process improvement teams. He is certified as an EVM Professional (EVP). Mr. Thompson has been a member of the Cost Community for more than 30 years supporting DoD agencies, FAA, BLM, EPA, and Army Corps of Engineers.

Frank Vogelezang
Ordina, Netherlands
Software Track: Measurement of Software Size: Contributions of COSMIC to Estimation Improvements (SW02)

Mr. Vogelezang is the Manager Pricing Office at Ordina Netherlands. He the President of the COSMIC Group (Common Software Measurement International Consortium).

Richard L. Webb
KAR Enterprises
Management Track: Is it Worth It? The Economics of Reusable Space Transportation (MG05)

Mr. Webb brings over 30 years of experience in parametric cost analysis related to NASA, DOD and commercial space transportation systems, including such programs as NASA’s Shuttle, Constellation/Ares, and Space Launch System. He was significantly involved with the development of the VentureStar reusable launch vehicle and Atlas I, II, III, and V launch systems business plans. He has received multiple NASA awards for life cycle cost and economic analyses and cost modeling of space systems.

Jon Wright
Wessex Water
Models & Methods Track: Costing Aircraft Availability and 50-Shades of Grey Water (MM04)

Jon Wright is an Asset Planning Manager within Wessex Water. One of his roles is to develop asset management strategies and plans for a water and wastewater asset systems based on a better understanding and analysis of lifecycle activities and costs. He has worked with the Bath team for more than five years which has included through life cost modelling of generation assets. Jon has been instrumental in moving from parametric modelling to system modelling.