ICEAA Certification Exam Application

Candidates interested in sitting for one or more of ICEAA’s certification exams, please complete the form below. If you are unable to use the online form you can download the paper application.

ICEAA Certification Exam Application

  • Exam(s) Applying For:

  • Successful completion of Part I grants the PCEA designation. To get the PCEA designation and not the CCEA designation, you must only pass Part I.

  • Choose this to take both parts of the exam at once. Successful completion of Parts I & II grants the CCEA designation.

  • For PCEA holders looking to upgrade their PCEA to a CCEA.

  • For those who have failed either exam previously:

  • Once your application is reviewed and accepted, ICEAA will send invoicing instructions for the exam fee.

    By pressing "Apply" below, you are confirming that all of the information provided in this form and the attached documents is true, complete, and accurate to the best of your knowledge and belief.

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