Recertification Application

Certificate holders interested in extending the term of their certification, please complete the form below. If you are unable to use the online form you can download the paper form.

Recertification Application

  • Your Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst (CCEA®) or Certified Parametric Practitioner (CPP) certification may be renewed with documentation of continued professional development activities such as work experience, knowledge attainment/sharing and participation in the cost community and their associations throughout the 5-year term. Certificate holders who fail to achieve a minium of 30 points over 5 years will be required to re-take the associated exams.

    Complete this form to report all points you have earned for the 5-year period from your date of certification. Once reviewed, ICEAA will send you a link to pay your receritifcation fee online or instructions on mailing alternative payments.

    ICEAA member rate: $125.00
    Military/government employee rate: $125.00
    Other non-members: $250.00
  • CCEA, CCP, or CCEA-P number. Look up your number and expiration date here.

  • A. Professional Experience Points

  • List job positions held during the five years of your active certification only.
    EmployerJob TitleStart DateEnd Date 
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  • B. Participation and Awards from Cost Estimating & Analysis Associations

    List association participation and awards from the five years of your active certification only.
  • OrganizationMembership start dateMembership end date 
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  • Participation on national/international Board of Directors including executive positions, director, committee chair, regional representative.
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  • Participation on chapter/state/local leadership teams including executive board positions, director, committee chair.
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  • Participation on committees on both the national/international and chapter/local levels.
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  • Points awarded for various positions or services such as contributing to a project or task force will vary.
  • National/international awards from ICEAA
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  • Awards from ICEAA Chapters
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  • Awards from other groups in the cost estimating & analysis disciplines
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  • C. Knowledge Attainment & Sharing

    During the 5-year certification period.
  • Provide a one paragraph syllabus of each course on a separate sheet and evidence of course completion for evaluation. Accepted documents include transcripts or CEU certificates (examples include: economics, statistics, engineering, operation management, finance, accounting, math, and sciences).
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  • Provide a link to or printout of the course description. Accepted attendance proof documents include rosters or CEU certificates. ICEAA Workshop Attendees with CCEA reports do not need to list each course.
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  • Provide a link to or copy of the publication.
    PublicationPosition Term Years 
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  • Provide a statement by the publication's editor attesting to each article claimed.
    PublicationArticle ReferreedDate 
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  • Provide a copy of or link to published articles
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  • Provide a copy of or link to documentation featuring your name as an instructor of the course.
    OrganizationCourse TitleDuration (hours)Date 
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  • Provide a copy of or link to documentation featuring your name as a speaker or presenter.
    OrganizationPresentation TitleDuration (hours)Date 
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  • Provide a copy of the attendance roster or a document of completion for each event claimed.
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  • Supporting Documentation

  • Include your last name in all filenames.

    -If possible, please incorporate all supporting documentation into a single PDF file.

    -For documents that cannot be merged together, include the item number in the filename. Example: Johnson_B6_Award.pdf

    -For those supporting documents that can be provided via web link, paste the link in the appropriate box.

    B1. Active Membership
    B2. National/International-Level Leadership Positions
    B3. Chapter/State/Local Leadership Positions
    B4. Committee Member
    B5. Additional service roles
    B6. ICEAA National/International Awards
    B7. ICEAA Chapter Awards
    B8. Awards From Other Associations
    C1. University-Sponsored Education
    C2. Association or Industry-Sponsored Education
    C3. Editor of a Cost-Related Publication
    C4. Referee for A Cost-Related Academic Journal
    C5. Published Articles
    C6. Instruction of Relevant Courses
    C7. Speeches or Presentations on Relevant Topics
    C8. Attendance at Relevant Conferences/Workshops
  • Use the codes above to identify the URLs.
    Related item codeURL 
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  • Drop files here or
  • Please check each statement to acknowledge your understanding of the following terms:

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