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March 27, 2017 ICEAA SoCal Workshop Agenda (draft)

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Past ICEAA Southern California Chapter Workshops

December 14, 2016 Workshop
December 14, 2016 ICEAA SoCal Workshop Agenda

Keynote Address: Welcome to Fort MacArthurJohn Karns, Space and Missile Systems Center Financial Management & Comptroller Directorate

Estimating Life Cycle Costs at the Skunk Works®Wayne Wright, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

The Signal and the Noise in Cost EstimatingChristian Smart, Ph.D., Missile Defense Agency

Things Change: Immediate Versus Ultimate Aiming – Doug Howarth, MEE Inc.

NASA’s X-Plane Database and Parametric Cost Model V2.0Anthony Olguin, NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center

Estimation Bias: Why Can’t People Estimate?Dan Galorath, Galorath Incorporated

Training Session: Cost ManagementKent Joris, Northrop Grumman Technology Services


September 7, 2016 ICEAA SoCal/ISBSG Workshop Agenda (PDF)

March 9, 2016 Workshop Agenda (PDF)

December 16, 2015 Workshop Agenda (PDF)

September 9, 2015 Workshop

Download the September 9 Workshop Agenda (PDF)

Workshop Presentations:

Kathy Kha, Galorath Federal, Heuristics for a Space Technology Cost Estimation Model

Dr. Sadrul Ula, Winston Chung Global Energy Center (University of California – Riverside), Technical and Economic Challenges of Integrating Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicle Charging and Battery Energy Storage in a Modern Grid

David Graham, Independent Consultant, Salient Federal Solutions, Two Complementary EVM Cost-Risk Models – Part 2

Lorrie Davis, The Aerospace Corporation, How Long Does It Take to Develop and Launch Government Satellite Systems?

Wayne Wright, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Estimating Prototype Air Vehicle Development Costs at the Skunk Works® — The Sequel

Joe Bauer, PRICE Systems, LLC, and Pat Malone, MCR LLC, Cost Estimating Challenges in Additive Manufacturing


March 18, 2015 Workshop Presentations (at Fort MacArthur in San Pedro, California).

View Agenda (PDF)

Workshop Presentations:

Christian Smart, Ph.D., Director of Cost Estimating and Analysis, Missile Defense Agency, Bayesian Parametrics: Developing a CER with Limited Data and Even Without Data

Bob Hunt, President, Galorath Federal, Cost Estimation using Story Points

Tom Harwick, Engineering Specialist in Concept and Preliminary Design Cost Models, Northrop Grumman Multi-Discipline Design Analysis & Optimization 2014

Bob Becker, V.P. Business Development, PRICE Systems LLC, Cost Management Implementation at U.S. Army PRO STRI

David Graham, Independent Consultant, Salient Federal Solutions, Two Complementary EVM Cost-Risk Tools



December 17, 2014 Workshop Presentations (at Lockheed Martin in El Segundo)

View Agenda (PDF)

Workshop Presentations:
Edward L. Burnett; LM Senior Fellow – Skunk Works; Lockheed Martin Corporation; The Skunk Works® Bringing the Future Forward

Joe Hamaker, Ph.D.; Senior Cost Analyst, Galorath Inc.; Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Parametrics”

Christopher Rush, Ph.D.; Product Lead Developer, Galorath Inc.; Continuous Fiber Composite Part Cost vs Production Volume By Manufacturing Process and Material”

Randy Jensen, Ph.D.; Software Acquisition Consultant; Effectiveness Formula: Key To Improved Software Development Productivity

Melissa Winter; PRICE Systems, LLC; Data Analysis in Support of Defensible Estimates

September 17, 2014 Workshop Presentations (at Boeing in Huntington Beach)

View Agenda (PDF)

Paul Geery, Director, Boeing C3 (Command Control Communications) Solutions; “Huntington Beach Site Overview” (PDF)

Bill Seeman, Chief, Space Division, Air Force Cost Analysis Agency; “The Five Pillars of Credible Cost Analysis” (PDF)

Omar Mahmoud, Lead Associate, and Blaze Smallwood, Associate, Booz/Allen/Hamilton; “The Agile Project Management Tool – Effectively Managing the Three Dimensions of an Agile Project: Cost, Schedule, and Scope” (PDF)

David Bloom and Danny Polidi, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems; “Building a Complex Hardware Cost Model for Antennas” (PDF)

Arlene Minkiewicz, Chief Scientist, and Shawn Hayes, Independent Consultant, PRICE Systems LLC; “Space Missions Cost Estimation Model” (PDF)

Kathy Kha, Consultant, Galorath, Inc.; “Bottoms Up Estimating of NASA Instruments Using Technical Parameters“(PDF)

March 19, 2014 Workshop Presentations (at Galorath in El Segundo)

View Agenda (PDF)

Dr. Daniel A. Nussbaum, Chair of the Naval Postgraduate School Energy Academic Group; “The Nexus Between Acquisition and Energy Studies at the Naval Postgraduate School” (PDF)

Dan Galorath, President, Galorath Inc; “Estimates Without Bias” (PDF)

Bob Hunt, Vice President, Services, Galorath Inc.; “The Cost of Software Testing and the ROI” (PDF)

Dr. Randall Jensen, Software Acquisition Consultant; “The Effectiveness Formula: A Quantitative Measure of Organizational Capability” (PDF)

Anthony Shao & Elizabeth Koltz, PhD Candidates at USC (University of Southern California) James Wertz, Technical Advisor; “Performance-Based Cost Modeling – Quantifying the Cost Reduction Potential of Small Satellites” (PDF)

Southern California Chapter 2015 Board of Directors

Harwin, Richrichard.a.harwin@boeing.comPresidentBoeing
Bosmans, TomTom.L.Bosmans@leidos.comVice PresidentLeidos
Winter, Melissamelissa.winter@pricesystems.comSecretaryPrice Systems
Hutchings, Chrischutchings@galorath.comTreasurerGalorath
Billah, Darabillah@sbcglobal.netAt LargeSBC Global
Bloom, David david_a_bloom@raytheon.comAt LargeRaytheon
Brunner, Kurt kurt.r.brunner@leidos.comAt LargeLeidos
Polidi, Dandpolidi@raytheon.comAt LargeRaytheon
Sterk, Stevesteve.a.sterk@nasa.govAppointedNASA-Armstrong


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