2017-2019 Board of Directors Candidate Profiles

The elections for the directors of ICEAA’s seven geographical regions is underway. Ballots for the Directors representing members in regions 1-7 and the non-aligned members will be distributed by email to the address marked as primary in their ICEAA profile. Only those individuals who have indicated membership in a chapter will receive a ballot for their region director; all members who have not chosen a chapter will be eligible to vote for the Non-Aligned region director. Click the name of the candidate to skip to that profile.

Ballots were distributed to all current ICEAA members via email on April 6, 2017 to the email marked as primary on the members’ ICEAA profiles. Voting will be open until April 28 and the results announced on May 1.

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Region 1: Arlene Minkiewicz (uncontested)
Region 2: Richard Collins, II (uncontested)
Region 3: Nicole Sullivan (uncontested)
Region 4: Steve Glogoza (uncontested)
Region 5: William Metz (uncontested)
Region 6: John Deem (uncontested)
Region 7: Richard Harwin (uncontested)

Non-Aligned Region (U.S. At-Large Members): Jason Dechoretz (uncontested)

Australia Region: Tracey Clavell (uncontested)
Europe Region: Georges Teologlou (uncontested)
UK Region: Sanathanan Rajagopal (uncontested)

Region 1: Arlene Minkiewicz

Ms. Minkiewicz is a software measurement expert dedicated to finding creative solutions focused on making software development professionals successful. She has over 32 years in the software cost estimating industry researching all aspects of the software development process and providing thought leadership to the software community. Ms. Minkiewicz is the Chief Scientist at PRICE Systems, LLC. In this role, she leads the cost research activity for the TruePlanning® suite of cost estimating products that PRICE provides.

Ms. Minkiewicz has an MS in Computer Science from Drexel University and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University. She has published many articles on software measurement and estimation in Software Development, Crosstalk, and the Journal of Software Technology and has been a contributing author for several books including “Systems Cost Engineering” (Glower, 2010), “The Closed Loop: Implementation Guide for Activity Based Budgeting” (CAM-I, 2004) and “IT Measurement: Practical Advice from the Experts” (Addison Wesley, 2002). Her research is frequently cited in technical papers and presentations and she holds a pattern for research conducted into the estimation of object-oriented software.

She frequently presents at industry conferences on many topics associated with hardware, software and systems estimation and has received numerous best paper awards for her research papers. She is a member of the International Society of Parametric Analysts (ISPA) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE) and has served on committees setting standards and best practices for estimation, measurement, and benchmarking with the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), Project Management Institute (PMI), the international Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICSAA), and The Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing International (CAM-I). In 2012, Ms. Minkiewicz received the ISPA Frank Frieman Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions to the estimation community. She was also inducted into the Drexel Alumni Circle of Distinction in 2012.

Relevant ICEAA Experience:

  • Member of ICEAA (and formerly ISPA) for over 20 years
  • Regular contributor of content at ICEAA International conference as well as various local chapter meetings and working groups
  • Frequent participant in delivery of cost estimating training at the ICEAA International Conference
  • Currently participating with the ICEAA Working Group responsible for development Software Certification exam and corresponding training

Nomination Statement:

While most of Ms. Minkiewicz’s past contributions to ISPA and now ICEAA have been very technical in nature, she has expressed a desire to become more involved with the organization on a deeper level. Her years of experience with the organization and in the industry ensure that she has the knowledge and contacts to be an effective Regional Directors. PRICE Systems has long been a supporting of ICEAA (ISPA and SCEA) and is committed to supporting Ms. Minkiewicz in the execution of any duties related to this office including attendance at regularly scheduled board meetings. Ms. Minkiewicz has the leadership and organizational skills, work ethic and passion to contribute to the operation and wellbeing of the region.

Region 2: Richard Collins, II

Rick Collins is CEO of Technomics, Inc., a small employee-owned consulting firm offering a range of decision support analysis services to the Department of Defense and other federal clients. He has more than 36 years cost analysis experience, including 25 years in the private sector (nine at SAIC in the 80s and 16 at Technomics) and 11 years in the Department of Navy (DON), specifically the Naval Center for Cost Analysis (NCCA). His experience encompasses a varied mix of applied cost estimating and cost research projects covering most DOD weapon system commodities and all Military Departments. He has been privileged to mentor and collaborate with some of the best and brightest cost analysts in the private and public sectors.

Since establishing Technomics’ Arlington, VA office in June 2000, Rick has strived to create an organization recognized for technical excellence, integrity and innovation. Rick takes pride in Technomics’ commitment to raising cost community of practice standards through the quality of staff, products and services that the company delivers to clients. He is particularly proud of Technomics’ and his personal efforts over the last 12 years to assist OSD Cost Assessment Program Evaluation (CAPE) in: a) compiling and validating contract cost data for all of DOD’s Major Defense Acquisition Programs and b) making cost, technical and programmatic data and visualization of the data readily accessible to the DoD acquisition community via the Cost Assessment Data Enterprise (CADE). The principal product of this work – reliable cost data for completed contracts – will provide future generations of cost analysts with the key ingredient for credible cost analysis.

Rick also takes pride in Technomics’ active contribution to ICEAA. Notable contributions that would not have been possible without Rick’s, and thus company support and encouragement are: 1) ICEAA Corporate Sponsor since 2005 (the first non-OEM and only small business sponsor); 2) corporate funds investment in CEBoK update performed by TASC/Technomics team; 3) staff contributions to National Board via the Body of Knowledge Chair position and the Vice President for Professional Development position; 4) staff contributions to SCEA/ISPA conferences as the training workshop co-chairs, training track chairs and co-instructors for a significant number of training sessions for the last several conferences; 5) staff contributions to conferences as technical paper presenters (Technomics paper presenters have one-to-two best paper awards at each of the last five conferences, including the overall best paper award in 2012); 6) staff contributions as the independent review team for a past version of CEBoK; 7) 100% technical staff ICEAA membership; 8) 15-20% technical staff attendance and active participation in SCEA/ISPA and ICEAA conferences; and 9) supporter of Washington Capital Area Chapter via board positions and routine hosting of chapter luncheon presentations.

Rick has personally contributed to the National Board and a variety of SCEA/ICEAA-related activities. He was elected to and is currently serving the Board as Region 2 Director. Previously, he was elected to an At-Large Director position and served a term shortened due to establishment of the pre-merger interim Board. Upon leaving the board, he continued to contribute by leading a three member committee that developed a draft ICEAA Strategic Plan that was adopted and serves as a compass for BOD decision-making. He was an active member of the aforementioned Technomics team that conducted two rounds of independent reviews of draft CEBoK module revisions and a multi-organization team that developed a case study for the SCEA certification exam. He has played an active role in ISPA/SCEA and ICEAA Conferences since 2008. He co-chaired the Risk Analysis Track at the 2010 and 2012 conferences and the Methods and Models Track at the 2008 and 2009 conferences. He reviewed papers in support of best paper awards for the 2008 conference. He co-presented the Cost and Software Data Reports (and predecessor Government Data Sources) training module at the 2008-2013 conferences. He and three Technomics co-authors won a 2010 conference Best Paper (Management Track) Award. He was awarded the 2010 SCEA National Estimator/Analyst of the Year Award for Contributions in Management.

During his tenure at NCCA in the 90s, Rick served in various positions including Technical Director, Head of the Ships/Ship Systems Division and Head of the Cost Analysis Tools Division. In 1998 he was awarded the DON Superior Civilian Service Award for his accomplishments coordinating DON cost research.

While at Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) in the 80s, Rick had the opportunity to learn the art and science of cost analysis from talented senior cost analysts who were willing and, most importantly, able to mentor.

Rick has a M.A. in Economics from Virginia Tech, B.A. in Economics from Wake Forest University and DAWIA Level 3 certification in Business, Cost Estimating and Financial Management (BCEFM).

 Region 3: Nicole Sullivan

Nicole Sullivan is an Operations Research Analyst/Cost Analyst at Missile Defense Agency (MDA). She is currently supporting the Sensors program office providing production and development cost estimates for the AN-TPY 2 radar. During her tenure with MDA, she has also been responsible for providing critical cost estimates for various military construction projects all over the world, assisted the test division with range cost estimates, and supported the research team in validating cost data reports from supporting contractors. She also supports leadership in making decisions on future projects by conducting Cost Benefit Analysis and Business Case Analysis for various programs. Prior to working for MDA, she supported MDA for two and half years as a contractor with BCF Solutions where she was the recipient of the 2013 Star Award, for her significant contributions. Ms. Sullivan has six years’ experience as the Executive Administrative Assistant to the CEO of Stokes Development, LLC; a commercial and residential development company. Working directly with the CEO, Ms. Sullivan was exposed to all aspects of the organization in constructing and supporting eleven developments. She was responsible for evaluating work proposals, contracts, and bids of sub-contractors for proposed construction on developments; setting up homeowner associations for residential real estate developments; and communicating with sub-contractors concerning tasks necessary for the completion of developments within their devised budgets. Ms. Sullivan graduated with honors from the University of Alabama in Huntsville with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus in International Studies and as well as Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance. She has also volunteered with the Women’s Business Center at the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce, where she assisted small business owners in the community in growing their business through constructive consultation sessions and training workshops. Ms. Sullivan currently resides in Huntsville, AL with her husband Brad Hamilton.

Ms. Sullivan is actively involved in the ICEAA organization, as has been serving on the ICEAA National Board as the Region 3 Director for the last two years (2015-2016). She will be an instructor for Cost Estimating Techniques at the upcoming ICEAA International Conference in Portland. She presented her brief “Military Construction Cost Estimating” at the 2014 ICEAA International Conference in Denver. Ms. Sullivan obtained her CCEA in May 2014 and she has served on the Greater Alabama ICEAA Chapter board as a Publicity Chairperson (2013) and Administrative Chairperson (2014).

 Region 4: Steve Glogoza

It is an honor to be considered for a role in the organization leadership for the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA). Through my professional experiences in industry, my engagement in professional development organizations including ICEAA, and more personal passion in regards to estimating I bring a strong knowledge, a personal network, and sincere enthusiasm which is consistent with the mission and objectives of ICEAA. Please take some time to review the information I am providing. I believe it will present a solid justification for considering me a candidate for a Director role during the upcoming election cycle.

I am currently a Senior Manager in Acquisition with the Boeing Company. I lead a geographically distributed team of 60+ employees. Our organization leads proposal development, submittal and negotiation efforts as well as life cycle cost estimates withing contract execution. In my role I am focused on functional excellence, contract formation, and estimate clarity/credibility/executability.

My journey into the cost estimating and analysis field began after completing my undergraduate work at Purdue and my MBA at St. Louis University. I began my career in Industrial Engineering while I completed my MBA. In that role I developed an interest and foundational awareness for knowledge-based estimating. As I transitioned into a formal Estimating function I expanded my process knowledge beyond manufacturing into the engineering, testing, procurement, and sustainment areas. Many opportunities provided insight into to all aspects of system development, production, and support and led to assignments supporting LCCE, new business campaigns, and critical business case studies.

Over the past 25 years I have supported established defense programs, new platform development, R&D efforts, commercial production programs, industry consortiums, and enterprise tool/process development. These experiences exposed me to the breadth of estimating roles and responsibilities including proposal development, independent cost estimating, competitive assessments, supplier analysis, data collection & analysis, tool development, COTS tool usage, risk analysis, and contract negotiations. These experiences along with my passion for estimating have enabled me to be a recognized expert in many facets of our profession. I have led many teams, developed training programs, instructed on several subjects, and mentored many aspiring estimating analysts. These experiences are the foundation of my current role. I am developing leaders, subject matter experts, and new analysts in the profession with an objective of inspiring each of them to high expectations in the field of cost estimating and analysis.

By leveraging my past experiences and my current roles within Boeing and through professional organizations (primarily ICEAA) I plan to elevate the contribution that Estimators and Cost Analysts make on a daily basis in regards to business execution with a balanced focus on affordability and executability. This personal objective can be accomplished by continuing to sponsor key professional development initiatives both internal to Boeing and across industry via ICEAA conferences, workshops, and publication.

I have been active with ICEAA via membership, workshop participation, conference track support, professional certification, and chapter leadership. I have been active in the St. Louis Gateway chapter for the past 15 years. During my early participation my involvement was limited by work and personal demands. As I reflect my limited early engagement, I now see the opportunities I missed to mature as an estimating professional – my experiences within Boeing have developed strong professional skills, but limited my ability to have a perspective that encompassed the viewpoints of a global profession and the dynamics of critical government-industry-consultant collaboration in regards cost estimating and analysis. Despite these missed opportunities early in my career I have embraced many opportunities recently. I completed my certification in 2009 and recently completed recertification. My recertification application included active membership, profession-related presentations, and continued education activities. Over the past two years I have been the St. Louis Gateway chapter president and I have continued to increase my level of participation at a national level through networking, workshop engagement, and informal ICEAA ambassador roles during engagement with other professional organizations.

Given the opportunity to serve as a Director for ICEAA I intend to contribute as a servant-leader to grow the organization. ICEAA is well-positioned to influence the sustainability and independence of our profession. By leveraging the resources, knowledge, and needs of government, industry, and consultant communities it is possible to establish networks, media, standards, and infrastructure that fulfill our members professional expectations and maintain a community of professional expertise which ensures continued growth of expertise throughout the membership and profession. I believe my passion for the profession, my personal experiences, and my demonstrated role as a career mentor and trainer will enable me to contribute to the success of our organization.

Region 5: William Metz

William Metz is the Director of Supplier Management Finance for Payloads, Systems, and Commercial Aviation Services in Boeing Commercial Airplanes. In this executive role, William leads the development and execution of financial strategies and relationships for best value procurement, supply chain management and cost reduction. Previously, William was a senior manager for Procurement Finance overseeing the Spirit and Triumph contracts. William has also worked in various Finance & Estimating roles in Supplier Management, the 787 Program and Boeing CA Product Strategy & Development. He joined the company as an industrial engineer and capacity planner in the Interiors Responsibility Center.

William has been a member of ICEAA/SCEA since 2005. He served as President of the NW Chapter in 2007-2008 as well as chair of the election committee in 2012.

William has an MBA from Seattle University and his Bachelor’s degree in Finance & Economics from Central Washington University. He is a Puget Sound native, married to Jennifer with one grown daughter and two rambunctious grandsons. In his free time he enjoys travel and sports, especially soccer.

Region 6: John Deem

Business Development Analyst with Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company in Ft. Worth, Texas with over 30 years of experience in the U.S. Government and private industry, preparing estimates and cost analyses for contract proposals for aircraft development, production and sustainment. Significant experience as a value engineer supporting affordability trade studies, design-to-cost and design-for- manufacture analyses. Led CEBoK study sessions and presented CEBoK materials at ICEAA conferences. Past President of the ICEAA Lone Star Chapter.

Region 7: Richard Harwin

Rich Harwin is currently in the Boeing Defense Systems, Contract Assessment Team, responsible for providing internal independent evaluation on all major proposals and estimates for the CFO, prior to submittal. Rich has 35 years of experience in estimating, parametrics, risk assessment, modeling, pricing, and cost proposal development. He is the company subject matter expert in risk assessment/modeling, parametric modeling, affordability analysis and business case analysis.

Prior to this Rich was in the Boeing: Engineering, Operations and Test organization developing estimates, models and data that support commercial and defense research and test & evaluation programs.

Previous to that he was in the Boeing, Defense Systems, Transaction Analysis Group in Seal Beach CA, and provided internal independent assessments of proposals and estimates, for the CFO, before submittal. Prior to that, he was the Director of Estimating and Pricing for C3Networks in Huntington Beach/Anaheim, California with responsibility for the estimating system; processes and procedures, FAR/estimating system compliance, as well as facilitating employee skills development at his site. He was also coordinating the function for each program estimating & pricing groups in Huntington Beach and Anaheim, such as Delta IV, FCS, JTRS, Fab-T and Phantom Works. In addition, he had served as Senior Manager for the Phantom Works Estimating and Pricing group in Southern California for Boeing.

Before relocating to Huntington Beach in 2003, Rich held various assignments within Boeing/McDonnell Douglas in St. Louis, Missouri. During his 22 years there, he contributed to many of the production and prototype aircraft programs, with experiences ranging through the entire product life cyle. His last assignment in St. Louis was as Manager of Estimating, Pricing and Procurement/ Financial Analysis on the X-45A/C Unmanned Combat Airborne Vehicle program.

Rich has a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the Missouri University of Science & Technology.

Rich had been a member of Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis (SCEA) while in St. Louis, and joined the International Society of Parametric Analysts (ISPA) in 2004 when he moved to California. Rich has served on the Southern California Chapter Board of Directors for ISPA, and has hosted Workshops at Boeing at El Segundo in 2008 and 2013 and Huntington Beach in 2010, 2014, and 2015. He has served as a track chair at conferences in 2007 and 2008. And Rich was elected to the society’s International Board of Directors in June of 2009, Elections lead in 2010, Co-Chair for the 2011 Joint ISPA/SCEA Conference in Albuquerque NM, and Executive Manager through 2012, served on the SCEA/ISPA Integration Committee and on the Interim ICEAA Board. Rich was the Co-Chair for the 2014 and 2016 ICEAA Conferences in Denver CO and Atlanta GA. He was elected to the International Board in 2015 as a director at large, and elected Southern California Chapter President for the 2017-18 term. And will be Conference Chair for the 2017 in Portland.

Nomination Statement:

To promote and improve our chosen profession. To better advance ICEAA within my company and the overall industry. To develop and improve relationships with our customers and partners. To contribute to the organization in return for all that I have gained in knowledge and friendships.

Non-Aligned Region (U.S. At-Large Members) Director: Jason Dechoretz

Mr. Jason Dechoretz has been with MCR since 1991 and currently serves as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). As CSO he manages MCR’s execution of its Strategic Plan, develops and advocates the MCR Brand, and supports service delivery and business development effort. Previously Mr. Dechoretz led MCR’s Federal practice and built out and matured its business development department. He has played significant roles developing formal Program Office Estimates (POE) and Independent Cost Estimates (ICE) for major Intelligence, Space and Weapon System acquisition programs, primarily using parametric estimating methods. In the late 90’s, he developed methodologies to link risk management with earned value management and created a tool that allows decision makers to evaluate the combined impact of cost and schedule risk. Mr. Dechoretz was either the project leader or principal statistician for a dozen research efforts which resulted in the creation of validated parametric models or recalibration of existing models. These tools ranged from satellite payloads, avionics development and integration, general hardware development and maintenance, and software development. He has presented papers and training classes at over 25 national and international conferences including ICEAA, ISPA, SCEA, DoDCAS, and INCOSE. In addition, he has provided technical training to various members of the DoD, Intelligence Community, NATO, UK MoD, and Contractors (e.g, MITRE, Lockheed Martin, and BAE Systems). During the merger of SCEA and ISPA, he was one of two principal architects of our governing documents (Constitution and By-laws). In addition, he was co-chair of ISPA’s 2012 International Conference held in Brussels, BE and Chairmain of ICEAA’s 2016 conference in Bristol, UK. In 2013 he was received ICEAA’s Service award. He previously served on ISPA’s Board of Directors for seven years, with the last five of them as Chairman. Mr. Dechoretz currently supports the ICEAA Board of Directors as the Director for non-aligned members and through inter-organization outreach. Mr. Dechoretz earned a Masters of Arts in Business Economics (Econometrics) and Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Australia Region Director: Tracey Clavell

Tracey has been a senior executive with BAE Systems Australia since 2007. A veteran employee with BAE Systems and its legacy companies, joined Fairey Australasia as an Electrical Fitter Apprentice in 1988. First 13 or so years of her career maintaining and upgrading a range of machinery across the
Manufacturing and Facilities areas. Tracey moved into the Estimating discipline in 2001. She has worked on bids and tenders ever since.

Achievements in Estimating

  • Parametric Estimating Capabilities including global support networks
  • Internal Estimating capture tools and processes
  • People development and coaching frameworks
  • Internal Training courses which are also offered to industry and our customers
  • Robust procedures including review processes
  • Ensured linkages to accreditation frameworks such as ACoste and ICEAA
  • Strong linkages between BAE global and Academia global
  • A sound organisational structure to support the diversity of the business
  • Achieved gold status with Acoste in 2014 for our capabilities and frameworks (valid for 3 years)

Director experience

  • 2016 – current – ICEAA Canberra Chapter secretary (Australia)
  • 2015-current – ICEAA Australian Regional Director
  • 2014-2016 – Outgoing ICEAA Vice President of the Cbr Chapter
  • 2012 -2014 –ICEAA Cbr Chapter Treasurer
  • Member of the ICEAA Cbr chapter since its inception
  • I have held many director positions in Australia in the past when I helped set up NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction a US voluntary support network) here over 12 plus years ago
  • I was the first Australian to receive a Scholarship with NAWIC to work overseas in the US –so I understand the culture, volunteer organisations and structures

Past Roles with BAE

  • Jan 07 – Now – Head of Estimating & Pricing
  • Oct 01 – Jan 07 – Estimating and Pricing Mgr FAP BU
  • Jan 99 – Oct 01 – Manufacturing Maintenance & Calibration Team Leader
  • Manufacturing Maintenance Team Leader
  • Manufacturing Maintenance Electrician


  • 2016 – Acoste Professional certification (in Progress)
  • 2012 – BAE Leading Project Success Course (LPS)
  • 2008 – BAE Exec Development Program – First program
  • 2002 – Professional Certificate in Management (Adl Uni)
  • 1999 – Work Place Training Cat 1– TAFE Torrens Valley
  • 1999 – Executive Diploma in Business planning – South Australian Enterprise Workshop – winner in SA and runner up nationally (BAE LEAP Team)
  • 1992 – Refrigeration and Air-condition Certificate 4
  • 1991 – Electronics Certificate 4
  • 1989-93 – Electrical Fitter Apprenticeship
  • 1988 – Yr 12 SACE Elizabeth High School

Various Industry Awards

  • 2011 – Price Systems – For Outstanding Parametric Support
  • 1998 – NAWIC first International Job Exchange participant in USA
  • 1989-1995 – Gold, Silver and Bronze Duke of Edinburgh awards, International Representative for Duke of Edinburgh Industry Leadership participation WS – Malaysia, NZ.
  • Runner up at the State Apprentice of the yr awards
  • Finalist in the State Community Services Award for the Australian of the Year
  • Finalist in the Swinburne University Women in Industry awards

Europe Region Director: Georges Teologlou

Georges Teologlou is the Vice President of PRICE Systems L.L.C based in the Paris, France office. He joined PRICE Systems in 1982 as Operations Manager to become Head of PRICE Systems Europe in 1992. In 2006, he became Head of PRICE Systems International and manages the PRICE Systems business in the world other than the Americas. Georges graduated in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering with an MB in Management and Computer Sciences.

Among his technical field operating actions Georges worked on developing or implementing methodologies such as Measuring Object Oriented Software , Software Design to Cost, Classes of Estimates, Applicability of Parametric techniques in estimating costs of complex programs from end to end.

His main achievement the last 8 years has been to position PRICE Systems International as a business in a solid growing trend in Europe and Asia. He has led his organization to become worldwide the N°1 Cost Management Solutions provider.

Georges‘DNA is: research, solutions, implementation, enterprisewide in Cost Management. He leads development, integration and implementation of tools and services to decrease financial risks, achieve cost savings and profitability on major worldwide programs.

Georges is a life member of ISPA. In 2005 he completed the last of his 3 terms of the Board of Directors and he is happy to see today ISPA and SCEA merging as he has initiated this idea in 2004. He received the Keith Burbridge award for his services on the ISPA Board from 1999 to 2007. Georges is also a member of EACE steering committee, SSCAG and CEPS.

UK Region Director: Sanathanan Rajagopal

Sanathanan Rajagopal is a Fellow of Defence Equipment and Support, Specializing in Software and Parametric Estimating and Software Obsolescence Management. Sanath is a senior Cost Analyst within UK Ministry of Defence. Sanath is an ISPA certified parametric estimator who has worked in various high profile Defence projects. Sanath is now looking after Cost Forecasting Head of Profession within CAAS (Cost Assurance and Analysis Service) and he is also the Deputy Chairman for SCAF.

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